Libraries In Gujarat

As a state, Gujarat stresses on the usage of books since they enlighten the mind and body to windows of knowledge. Continuous reading of the book enriches source of information.

Various types of Gujarat Libraries

The impeccable creation of Gujarat Library association occurred in the year 1939. There are two cultural libraries providing a plethora of books to readers. Vindhyapith library is situated in Ahmedabad and is renowned for its dazzling array of books. Although it is a state library, the management is under supervision of autonomous bodies. The central state library is located in the capital city of Gandhinagar and is controlled by director of libraries. The state of Gujarat is well endowed with state and regional libraries apart from the private and institutional ones.

Applying Imaginative Techniques

It is said that libraries are not created but they develop over a period of time. According to the English author, they slowly magnetize the attraction of users. The government of Gujarat has taken the responsibility for digitizing content of the books which will be available online. All the libraries would be interconnected together using the advanced IT technology and provide authentic information to readers.

E libraries have sprung up in the online world providing virtual study material related to Gujarat. Educational books along with magazines are available to users. They can browse the website and download different materials according to their requirements and specifications. Web links are equipped with separate section for women and children where they can participate in fun related activities. The majority of big cities in Gujarat are studded with E libraries.

The bar council of Gujarat launched E library of law projects which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

E library is known to stock 8 lakh verdicts in English language apart from 25000 in the regional language.

Amazing Libraries

ADINET was conceived in Gujarat in 1994 with the grant from the National information system of science and technology. The organization manages all its libraries which include schools, colleges and universities. People can access a variety of libraries and books using the ADINET services. Instead of depending on one library, the network of libraries helps the people to share information without any hassles. Users can harness the combined strength of libraries to collect data about different books.

Library for the Youth

Touted as the major center for knowledge and information, library is a favorite jaunt for the youth due to the quality of books. All the reading materials correspond to school; colleges and they encompass different subjects such as economics, engineering and information technology. The library is operational on weekdays and doesn’t work on Sundays. The work timings extend from 9 A.M to 6 P.M.

Circulating Library

The Gyanprapa library was launched in the year 1972 and stock different types of entertainment books such as comics along with novel. People can enjoy reading fiction as well as nonfiction genre.

SS mandal Gujarat Library

Located along the bustling streets of central Ahmedabad, it is inundated with book on diverse subjects. People can read them for further information.

A-Z circulating Library

The library is renowned for stocking books on different topics where one can read and relish the information. It is situated near the Raj Plaza.

Ashmi Library

It is a huge library which is bestowed with an amazing collection of books. Ashmi library is located near the A1 School and people can get a plethora of information.

MJ Library

It is a very famous library however the center would be shifted to keka Shastri municipal Library because of the renovation work that has been going on since 30th April 2012. The heritage building of MJ is being reconstructed on Ashram road; therefore all the libraries have been transferred to keka Shastri venue. The new library is situated at Dharnidhar cross road in close vicinity to the shreyas over bridge.


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