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Uparkot Caves

Gujarat is known for its economic prosperity and the impressive growth model in modern times. But the state has much more to offer in terms of cultural heritage and historical significance. From forest and natural ecosystems to ancient and religious monuments and structures, archeological sites and museums to scenic beaches and coast lines, the places to explore and experience are many. The state is also a conservator of many ancient sites of Indus Valley Civilization.

Uparkot Caves, one of the many interesting locations of the state, are situated in the city of Junagarh. Uprakot is known to have Buddhist Caves. However, these are not actually caves. They are essentially rooms made using stones. It’s said that these rooms were used by the monks to take refuge, especially during the rains.

Uparkot or Upper Fort refers to the ancient city of Junagarh and its middle portion that lies on a higher citadel. The walls and pillars of this fort were carved with insignia of its former rulers, dynasties and deities. The carvings are an awe inspiring sight with images of Hanuman and Goddess Shakti. Former kings and royals also find places of pride and seen from the eyes of archeologists and historians, reveal a lot about the historical significance and facts of that era. Also interesting are the two canons lying here—the Neelam and Manek that were brought by the Turks when they travelled to this part of the country.


Archeological authorities have estimated that the caves here would be at least 2200 decades old. The caves are physically constructed to give a comfortable look. They are adorned by strong support beams, water cisterns, and chatiya windows. One main attraction of the caves is a magnificently designed 200 feet deep moat. According to folklore, it used to be home to crocodiles. The infested water body was supposed to deter enemies from entering and attacking the caves.

How to Reach

By Road

Junagarh is well connected with all the major cities of Gujarat, like Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Porbandar. Buses ply to and fro from several destinations and are considered to be the most convenient and efficient mode of transport.

By Train

There is an extensive rail network from Rajkot and Veraval to Junagarh, which makes it easy to get here.

Nearest Town: Baldhiamal

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Uparkot Caves
Uparkot Caves
Uparkot Caves
Uparkot Caves
Uparkot Caves
Uparkot Caves

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