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Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch

Gujarat is a developing and booming state of India. Gujarat Tourism is one of the most fascinating and popular tourist destinations of India. The traces describe that Siyot Caves at the mouth of the Indus River, were one of the 80 monastic sites for Chinese Pilgrims.

The inscriptions and architectures of the ancient times attract people for visiting these caves. Sculptures of this place are centre of attraction for the tourists.

The cave’s artistic carvings are included in the uncommon things which have been traced across the nation. As a result, this place has turned out as a very unique, soulful and interesting place for visiting. If we talk about its archaeological aspect, it leaves a beautiful picture in mind. This place also had a very strong Buddhist link which is clearly revealed by the sanctum and the ambulant.

All this clarifies the fact that how divine and tourist spot of Gujarat this beautiful place is!

A huge number of visitors came here to endure religious feelings. This is so, because it is also popular as a place acknowledged for the Buddhist footprints.

These caves have their origin to the first century AD and have an east facing Sanctum and an ambulatory.
It is really commendable at Government of Gujarat’s part that it takes proper measures and makes full proof programs to preserve this Buddhist cave.


These caves have their origin to the first century AD. It is also worth knowing that the caves have Sanctum and an ambulatory which are east facing. Really, this place presents a picture of traditional culture and illustrious history.

How to Reach

By Rail

Railways connect Buhj to different parts of India. Tourists from different corners of India like from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and several other can easily reach Bhuj via railways. It is always advisable to get your tickets booked as the rush over here can be seen in high swings throughout the year.

By Air

It has a domestic airport. From here, daily flights operate to Mumbai; these flights are operated by Jet Airways. It is also worth noting that Kandla Airport is only 53 km from Bhuj city center.

By Road

In Gujarat, State Transport Buses are available from the ST stand in middle of the town to different places in Gujarat. Many private tour operators also run frequent buses to major cities in and outside Gujarat. Bhuj’s connection to various other cities is mainly through Gujarat state buses. Bus services are the cheapest form of transportation. The tourists can also opt for private vehicles or hire vehicles in Bhuj to reach the Siyot caves.

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Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch
Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch
Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch
Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch
Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch
Siyot Caves Northwest Kutch

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