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Khambhalid Caves Rajkot

A Cave That’s an Architectural Marvel

One of the major tourist attractions of Gujarat is the Khambhalida Caves in Gondal Tehsil of Rajkot district. It is said to be the oldest cave in Rajkot and it’s an architectural wonder of the country.

The caves are set amidst a beautiful ambience. They are situated at the foot of small hillocks on the banks of a spring. The caves have a majestic structure carved out of limestone.
There are a total of three caves here, where the central one is named Chaitya Grih. It has a stupa and two sculptures with intricate designs. The cave on the right is named Bodhisatvas-Padmapani and the one on the left is named Vajjrapani. The Vajjrapani sculpture is considered one of the most ancient ones in India. It is believed that Buddhist monks must have meditated in the ancient times inside these caves, leaving behind spiritual vibrations that can be felt even today.


The caves are believed to have come into existence in the 4th or 5th century AD. It is said that they were built by Saint of Dinyan branch of Buddha tradition. Shri P. P. Pandya, a prominent archeologist, discovered the Buddhist Cave in 1958. These caves come under the jurisdiction of the Archeology Department. It is said that for years, Gir Forest continued till Khambhalida Village and it was home to Asiatic lions.

It is also said that many Buddha Saints from Junagadh came to these caves for meditation thanks to an underground route between them. There is an inscription on a stone here that states Ashoka existed.

Surrounding Areas

There are 15 small caves situated near the Khambhalida Caves. The cave on the left hand side is huge and is open in the front. It goes deep inside. During the daytime tourists see a lot of light and air.

How to Reach

By Road

To visit these caves, one has to get to Rajkot, which is well-connected to most neighbouring cities. Tourists can avail State Transport buses here. The bus stand is close to Bedi Gate. Tourists can walk or take auto rickshaws to commute.

By Rail

Rajkot lies on the Ahmedabad-Hapa Western Railway line. Saurashtra Mail, Inter City Express and Sau Janata Express reach here.

By Air

The domestic airport of Rajkot is linked to Mumbai. Rickshaws charge approximately Rs. 25/- for a ride from the airport to the city.

Information for Visitors

Weather: During the summer months the temperature varies between 32 and 44 ° C and during winter it ranges from 18 to 25 ° C.

Best time in the year: Tourists can visit in the months of October to February.

Timing: During any time of the day.

Entry Fee: No fee.

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Khambhalid Caves Rajkot
Khambhalid Caves Rajkot
Khambhalid Caves Rajkot
Khambhalid Caves Rajkot
Khambhalid Caves Rajkot
Khambhalid Caves Rajkot

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