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Junagadh Caves Junagadh

An Embodiment of Buddhist Charm

Dotting the foothills of Girnar, the city of Junagadh in Gujarat is blessed with some exquisite and ancient caves. Junagadh Caves include Baba Pyara Caves, Khapara Kodia Caves and the Buddhist Caves. Khapara Kodia caves are recognized for their simple looks. These are reckoned as the first monastic settlement in the region. Located on the banks of Sudarshan Lake, which has now become extinct, the caves flank the northern part of Uparkot. The main highlights of these caves are grid water tank designs on the western wing and the ‘L’ shaped wing where Monks used to take shelter during monsoon time. Later, these were abandoned because cracks developed on the surface, which let the water seep inside the living quarters. Today, only the highest story of this structure is visible.

Located opposite Uparkot, Baba Pyara caves near Modhimath are the other group of caves embodying the influence of Satavahanas period. The impact of Satavahanas period is evident on cave pillars and door jambs. The prime features of these caves are their large court and a Chaitya hall.

Perched on the North-West of Jami Masjid, the Buddhist Caves are known for floral designs on their walls as well as pillars. These caves feature three tiers, of which only two storeys have proper floors. The upper floor has a cavernous tank enclosed by verandas. On the lower floor, there are corridors and beautifully decorated pillars.


Resembling the style of Satavahanas period, Baba Pyara Caves are estimated to be as old as 1st and 2nd centuries AD. The Buddhist Caves showcase influence of Satavahanas and Graeco-Scythian periods in their architecture. These are considered to belong to 2nd to 3rd centuries AD. On the other hand, archaeologists suggest that Khapra Kodiya Caves can be dated back to the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

How to Reach

By Rail

Junagadh is well connected to Ahmedabad by two express trains, of which one operates at night and the other at day. The distance is nearly 7.5km by train. The Junagadh Railway Station also offers good connectivity to other major Indian cities.

By Air

Nearest airport to the city of Junagadh is at Rajkot. Rajkot airport receives daily flights from Mumbai and other Indian cities. It takes about two and half hours to reach Junagadh from Rajkot.

By Road

Regular state bus services from Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Porbandar are available for Junagadh. The distance between Junagadh and Ahmedabad is nearly 327km, Porbandar 113km and Rajkot 102km.

Nearest Town: Junagadh

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Junagadh Caves Junagadh
Junagadh Caves Junagadh
Junagadh Caves Junagadh
Junagadh Caves Junagadh
Junagadh Caves Junagadh
Junagadh Caves Junagadh

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