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Vadnagar Mehsana

Within the Mehsana district lies the medieval city of Vadnagar in the state of Gujarat. The earliest state capital of Gujarat, Vadnagar was enclosed within six gates of a fort. These gates were the Arjun Bari, Nadiol, Amarthol, Ghaskol, Pithori and Amarthol. People started inhabiting the city because of the great Kapila River that flows through the town.

Vadnagar is a delight for archaeologists and excavators because multiple sites are found here that reveal the existence of a flourishing city with a religious and cultural forum. All great rulers of the city built enormous architectural monuments. Each monument shows its uniqueness in a different way. This enhances the present look of the city and gives a glimpse of the past.


The city is decorated with magnificent art and structural embellishments. The beautiful Sharmishtha Lake is an example of brilliant engineering and an architectural beauty. There are two pillars or Torans which were built by the Solanki dynasty king. Each monument is linked to a fable or a story, which tempt one to know more about its interesting past.

There are multiple temples within and near the city dedicated to almost every Hindu god such as Lord Shiva, Chhabila, Maruti, Ashapuri Mata, Ambaji Mata, and Vishnupuri. The 15th century built Hatkeshwar Temple is the most famous Shiva temple at Vadnagar. The Shiv Linga here has been presumed to come into existence on its own and it’s known as the swayambhu. The highlights of the temple are its peculiar dome shape and the exteriors carved figurines of the nine planet gods.

Other temples present within the periphery are the Swaminarayan Temples, a goddess Ashapuri Temple considered to be a Shaktipith, Goddess Bhuvaneshpuri Temple, Somnath Mahadev Temple and Daaneshwar Mahadev Temple. The Vishnupuri Temple is believed to be created by God Vishnu himself and thus gained importance. The Sitla Mata Temple is also an example of precise carvings and etchings. It is carved with numerous celestial structures. The doors here represent Krishna Lila from Hindu Mythology.

Apart from all these eye-catching structures at Vadnagar, there are the two triumph arches worth mentioning. They are built of red sandstone and resemble each other in size and making. The pillars are decorated with floral and human figures. On the top is an image of Lord Kartikeya with Ganesh and Makara.


Vadnagar was greatly influenced by Buddhism between the 2nd to 4th century. There have been excavations of Buddhist monasteries and encryptions with elaborate structures. Traveller Xuanzang visited the city in the 7th century and mentions the presence of Buddhism in his notes.

Places to Visit in Vadnagar

  • Tana Riri Temple
  • Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Lake Sharmishtha
  • Jain Temples
  • Khokha Ganapati
  • Ancient Library
  • Gauri Kund
  • Ashapuri Mata Temple
  • kirti stambh
  • Nag Dharo Temple
  • Amarkund and Mahakaleshwar Mahadev
  • Saptrushi

Best Time to Visit

October to January

How to Reach Vadnagar

By Road: Vadnagar by road is 47 km from Mehsan and 111 km from Ahmedabad.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Sidhpur in Ahmadabad which is 42 km from Vadnagar.

By Air: The nearest airport is at Ahmadabad.

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Vadnagar Mehsana
Vadnagar Mehsana
Vadnagar Mehsana
Vadnagar Mehsana
Vadnagar Mehsana
Vadnagar Mehsana

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