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Indology Institute

Fact File

Location  Ahmadabad
Built By  Lal bhai Dalpatbhai
Contains  Ancient manuscripts, paintings and sculptures
Open  10 am to 5 pm
Closed  Monday
Fees  Rs. 5

The Indology Institute organization was formed by Mr. Lalbhai Dalpathbhai as an initiative to preserve the ancient art and manuscripts of India from the past. The institute was started in 1956 at Ahmadabad. Lalbhai dalpatbhai was an affluent business man of Ahmadabad who started his efforts on a small scale and later it grew into an institute.

The institute also serves as a museum to the hundreds of encryptions, old books art remnants and stone engraved possessions. All these priceless belongings have been neatly preserved with great efforts. The museum also has different religion literatures which are extremely rare. The museums care takers take great care to maintain the art and heritage of the historic India. The different scripts and engravings throw a light on the various establishments that took over India and there effects on modern India. The place pulls you back in a mystical era of Indian opulence.


Established as an effort to preserve the heritage of old India the museum has narratives of different religions like Hindu, Jain and Buddhist. There are compilations of their philosophy, grammar and poetry. This place has one of the largest collections of Jain literature as well. They have almost 76,000 manuscripts, about 500 of which are illustrated. The institute also has a collection of 45000 printed books. Some books are written in some of the rare and some of the lost languages of old India like Sanskrit, Apabhramsa and Pali. There are many books in languages of recent India also such as Hindi, Old Gujarati and Rajasthani. The institute houses sculptures in stone and terracotta. There are cloth paintings, scrolls, work on bronze and wood and ancient Indian coins. There is also a collection of art work from the Tibetan and Nepal with Rabindranath Tagore's paintings.

The museum is well organised and there are topics which range from Buddhism, Hindu culture and Jainism. The sub topics under them cover the various grammar and linguistic differences of the languages as well as the differences amongst the present and past religious trends.

The Indian Vedas and philosophy has also its place and poetry and music have been a priced possession.

The institute is an excellent experience for budding archaeologists and also for those who wish to take a glance on the past. They also conduct workshops and also when you visit the museum the guides provide information on the various literatures. The place has more than enough reading material which would leave you heavy hearted and enlightened at the same time.

Best Time to Visit

Oct-march is the best time to visit the city.

How to Reach

By Road

The Indology institute is in Ahmadabad and it is connected by buses. You can also take a taxi from the railway station or the airport. The bus stops are at Gitamandir near Kalupur Railway Station and Paldi. There are regular bus services are available by Gujarat state

By Rail

Ahmadabad railway station is efficiently connected with all major cities and you can hire a taxi or board a bus to complete the further distance.

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Indology Institute
Indology Institute
Indology Institute
Indology Institute
Indology Institute
Indology Institute

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