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Dev Ni Mori

Sabarkantha district includes a small town known as the Dev Ni Mori. The site is diggers delight and lies at distance of two km from Shamlaji. Shamalaji attracts a lot of visitors to a 500 year old temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu built during the Gupta dynasty. Dev Ni Mori has gained immense popularity not only because of a picturesque for picnics but excavations have revealed a lot of information about the Buddhist culture which once prevailed here. Dev Ni Mori spreads in a charming location of natural beauty and greenery. Shamlaji is a flourishing town of art and culture settled near the river Meshow.

The unique lord Vishnu temple encircles many other small shrines and temples. There have been many stories and legends associated with the temple. It is assumed that the temple was made by Lord Brahma in search of a sacred place and Lord Vishnu bestowed himself in this temple. The other story says that after building the temple when it could not be taken away by Lord Vishwakarma he left it on earth. And the last one says that the a farmer found Lord Vishnu idol while tilling his farm and started worshipping then later as years passed by it was turned into a temple.

The Shamlaji temple is built with white sandstone and brick. The temple has two storeys which are sustained by rows of pillars. The shrine is immensely carved with scenes depicting from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are carvings of an elephant and it is placed in a courtyard.

There is a Lord Shiva temple standing with other famous temples such as the Kashi – Vishwanath temple dedicated to Mahadev.


Dev Ni Mori has uncovered the remains of a Buddhist Monastery which belonged to the 3rd and 4th centuries. This is an important development in the history which tell that Buddhism was not confined to a few places in India rather was a thriving religion in the past connecting many regions.

The excavations have highlighted the presence of a monastery and stupas which are worshipping centres for Buddhists. The findings also throw light on the fact that both Christianity and Buddhism co existed. The stupa is unique because it has an encrypted chest containing relics of Buddha. The inscriptions on the box suggest that they were body remnants of Buddha.

The famous shamlaji fair is held every year for three weeks in November. Tourists and local tribes participate in this grand celebration.

Best Time to Visit

October to march is the best time to visit the place and also to see the shamlaji fair held in November.

How to Reach Dev Ni Mori, Shamlaji

By Road

Dev Ni Mori is 2 km from shamlaji . Shamlaji is well connected by road and is 125 km from Ahmadabad.

By Rail

Himmatnagar Railway Station is 47 km from Shamlaji and the left distance can be completed by a taxi or a state transport.

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Dev Ni Mori
Dev Ni Mori
Dev Ni Mori
Dev Ni Mori
Dev Ni Mori
Dev Ni Mori

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