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Roads In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its excellent connectivity with other places through the State as well as the National Highways.  So the tourists will not face any problem in coming to Rajasthan as lots of transportation options are available that make your journey comfortable as well as adventurous.

The road network of Rajasthan is highly impressive and called as Rajasthan State Highway or “RJ SH”. In total there are 20 National Highways which extend to 5,713 km together with 85 State Highway which are extended up to 11,716 km.

Deluxe buses offer one of the finest experiences of traveling to Rajasthan and enjoying your journey to the fullest. Apart from the deluxe buses, you have the air conditioned buses and also the ordinary buses which are available for the visitors to reach Rajasthan without any problem. Advance ticket booking is also available so you are free to book the tickets for a confirmed reservation.

Some of the roads leading to the interiors of Rajasthan are slightly rough which may make your journeys a bit difficult but you will surely love the atmosphere and the beauty the place has to offer to the tourists.


The road transport system is managed by the Government of Rajasthan through a regulatory body known as RSRDC (Rajasthan State Road Development and Construction Corporation Ltd.). In February 1979, Rajasthan State Bridge and Construction Corporation Ltd was formed and charged with the responsibility of constructing the buildings, bridges and other construction under the Government of Rajasthan. The regulatory body has been registered through the Companies Act 1956 and many state agencies are associated with it so that the construction work is done smoothly and better services are offered to the people.  Later on 25.9.2000, the board decided to change the name to RAJASTHAN STATE ROAD DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION LTD and handled the responsibility of infrastructure projects, bridges etc all being constructed through the BOT/PPP Model.  It also manages other tenders which come from the Government’s end.

Travel info on Road

There are a number of road transportation options available from the taxis to the plush buses, carriages, rickshaws etc which offer a wonderful experience. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation manages the services in a proper manner and ensures that the best comes to your way.  Some of the places from where you can easily catch the buses are ISTD bus stop, Dhola Kuan, Bikaner House and many more.  You can also extend your trip by moving to Jaipur through Agra which is quite convenient for the tourists. More transportation facilities are offered by the corporation so make sure that you inquire about the same and plan your trip according to your budget.

Apart from moving around in buses, you can also hire rickshaws, taxis and cabs for short drives and explore Rajasthan in a true Indian style. Your experience will surely be superb and just amazing.

Jaipur-Kishangarh Expressway

The Jaipur-Kishangarh Expressway is extended up to 90 km and connects the Pink City Jaipur to Kishangarh which is considered to be the marble city of Rajasthan.

This expressway offers excellent transportation options for the tourists as less time is consumed in reaching Jaipur through the NH-8 which forms an important part of the Golden Quadrilateral project which in turn is associated with the National Highway Development Project (NHDP). It is a six lane expressway, inaugurated in April 2005 which was quite delayed due to the construction not completed on time. GVK Jaipur Expressway Private Limited (GJEPL) managed the entire work of the expressway and constructed the road using the best tools for a superior experience. The cost of the project was around 7.29 billion INR and constructed through the efforts of the public-private partnership.

Pathankot Ajmer Expressway

Pathankot Ajmer Expressway is a long expressway of 600 km which connects Pathankot and Ajmer through Jalandhar.  Out of the total distance, 325 km form the part of the Punjab state and the rest of it comes under the Haryana and Rajasthan state. It is an 8 lane road that costs about INR 8,000 crore and also helped in boosting the commercial sector of the state. Goods coming from the South could easily reach the state without any problem.

National Highways in Rajasthan

  • National Highway 11 
  • National Highway 112 
  • National Highway 113 
  • National Highway 114 
  • National Highway 116 
  • National Highway 11A 
  • National Highway 11B 
  • National Highway 11C 
  • National Highway 12 
  • National Highway 14 
  • National Highway 15 
  • National Highway 3 
  • National Highway 65 
  • National Highway 76 
  • National Highway 79 
  • National Highway 79A 
  • National Highway 8 
  • National Highway 89 
  • National Highway 90 
  • National Highway 115 

State Highways

  • State Highway 10
  • State Highway 2  
  • State Highway 22  
  • State Highway 24  
  • State Highway 11  
  • State Highway 16  
  • State Highway 27  
  • State Highway 31  
  • State Highway 32  
  • State Highway 38  
  • State Highway 39  
  • State Highway 58  
  • State Highway 61  
  • State Highway 62  
  • State Highway 64  
  • State Highway 67  

Famous Streets in Rajasthan

Though there are many famous streets in Rajasthan but the tourists feel that Mirza Ismail Road and Tripolia Bazar are more popular and visited by all the tourists who come to Rajasthan.

Tripolia Bazar

The Tripolia Bazaar forms an important part of the old Jaipur city and is known for its beautiful and colorful bangles. Apart from bangles, Rajasthan is a popular destination for a huge variety of jewelry that attracts the tourists. The bazaar is located just between the Manak Chowk as well as Chhoti Chaupa. You will come across many stores that sell stuff like carpets, Brassware, crystals, ironware and lots more. You can also find textiles, trinklets, rugs, utensils and other exclusive collection.

Mirza Ismail Road

MI Road is a popular road of Rajasthan and visited by many tourists coming from different places. The road starts from Sanganeri Gate and extends to the Government hostel.  You will also come across several important landmarks including Ajmeri Gate, Raj Mandir Cinema,  Niros restaurant, Jaipur and GPO,  Rajasthali emporium etc.  The road has got its name from Sir Mirza Ismail who was the Prime Minister of the state.

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