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Railways In Rajasthan

It is a well known fact that most of the tourists visit the place due to its cultural importance.  The government has ensured that they arrive in large numbers to boost the state coffers. The tracks are long and well connected to the major cities of the country.  To know more about the routes, one can dial 131 which would provide a plethora of information. People can select any of the trains depending on their requirements and specifications.

Luxury Trains

Luxury trains are considered to be an epitome of elegance and associate with the rich history of the state. They are operating in different countries and provide rides at leisure for the tourists. People who are ready to pay premium prices can afford wonderful hours of travel inside the train.  Guests could have a preview of the wonderful countryside and enjoy the hospitality to the core.  Majestic views of the fort could leave the people awestruck with their charm and splendour along with the train.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels: The Train

The train is enmeshed in a designer brilliance and sports royal style of Rajasthan.  People can soak in the cultural intricacies of the décor of the train and hog on to the royal as well as traditional feast. The memories would be cherished and nurtured forever because of their aesthetic brilliance. Journey starts from Delhi and traverses into Rajasthan, the land of majestic hills, forts and temples inviting people with open arms. The landscape changes dramatically once the train moves through Jaipur, Udaipur and the immaculate Tiger reserve of Ranthambore.  Mystics of khajuraho temple are unraveled before the travelers apart from the unparalleled spiritualism of Varanasi.  The journey culminates at Agra where one can see the magnificent symbol of love called Tajmahal.

About Royal Palace On Wheels Train

Royal Palace on wheels has mesmerized the travelers who visit India in hordes. World famous Palace on wheels has been in the service of the tourists for the past 25 years, however it has undergone a drastic makeover and reintroduced in the year 2009. The compartments have become more elegant and spacious as compared to the previous versions.


Train comprises of 14 coaches which are designed in an impeccable manner.  13 coaches are studded with deluxe saloons and 14th has 2 super deluxe saloons for the passengers. They are styled in different themes exhibiting ruby, sapphire and spectacular pearl.

Salons are entwined with royal suites offering amazing living to the travelers.  Exquisite silk accompanied by the fabulous upholsteries transfer people to the era of royal opulence.  Amazingly carved wooden furniture enriches the experience to a great extent.  All the spacious suites are rechristened as diamond and emerald that reminds people of the ear gone by. Study table along with chair are provided to the travelers so that they could accomplish their tasks.

The coaches are called by the names of the famous places in Rajasthan such as Hawa mahal, kishori mahal, phool mahal, Chandra mahal along with Surya Mahal.  Super Deluxe coach is termed as Taj mahal because of its grandeur.


The train is bestowed with two restaurants termed as Swaran mahal and Sheesh mahal.  Splendid delicacies are available to the travelers in the form of Rajasthani, Indian and the wonderful Chinese cuisines.  Restaurant is draped in wood and crystal captivating the imagination of the people.  Customized cutleries are available ensuring sensational dining experience for the travelers.


Sumptuous wines along with liquors are provided to the eager foodies to enjoy their day.


After a hectic day of sightseeing, one can enjoy spa that encompasses different types of wellness solution.  Spa is very soothing and relaxing for the body helping people to enjoy their journey.

North Western Railway Zone

It is considered to be a very important part of the 16 zones in the Indian Union.  Jodhpur along with Bikaner of the Northern Railway has been combined to form an integral component of the North western railway. Similarly Jaipur and Ajmer of the western railway have been amalgamated into the network.  The zone was launched in the year 2002 and encompasses 578 stations spanning across more than 5000Km.  About half of the distance is laid with broad gauge and the rest of it is covered with narrow gauge.  NWR comprises of the diesel sheds which are located at the Abu Road and Bhagat ki Kothi of Jodhpur houses WDM2 and WDG.  They are locomotives which ply on broad gauge and Phulera of Jaipur contains the locomotives for the meter gauge. NWR has the distinction of operating the international Thar munabao express.


The railway has taken the issue of security very seriously and has started to integrate the system installed at major cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur along with Ajmer and Bikaner. Different types of equipments would be deployed for the safety of the passengers.  These will include CCTV cameras, bomb disposal squad and advanced baggage screening. Access checking would also be done within the premises and parking lot to track any suspicious activity.  The system would be connected to the internet and remotely monitored by the authorities.

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