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Desert National Park

Imagine that you are roaming in the middle of the sand dunes and suddenly spotted a Black Buck or heard the shrill cry of a Short Toed Eagle which is flying high in the sky. Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t that somewhere you want to be? Isn’t that a place which will help you in getting closer with nature’s wonders? Then what are you waiting for? In this holiday pack your bags and set your course to the Desert National Park. This national park is situated in Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan, India.

It is often a common notion that the desert life doesn’t support much of the wild habitat. It is often thought that the desert is the homeland of thorny plants and fewer animals. That is however not at all true. When you visit the Desert National Park you can come in touch with the true spirit of nature. This Desert Park offers you with a spectacular view of various kinds of natural life forms which are deadly as well as beautiful. Moreover, it also has three lakes namely the Milak Talao Lake, the Padam Talao Lake and the Rajbaugh Lake. These lakes provide the major source of water needed by the wildlife in the Desert National Park.

This National Park consists of about 20% of the area of the Thar Desert and thus portrays a mixed view of the fragile life forms of the Desert. This national park is one of the largest Park build in India which supports the diversified ecosystem of the desert. This makes it a must watch for people when they are on a tour to Jaisalmer.

The land form which can be found here is rough and rugged. It mainly consists sand dunes and rocks which are scattered all over the desert. This park does an excellent job in conserving the diversified life forms of Thar Desert in their natural habitat.

The desert National Park covers an area of about 3100 sq km and it is home for not only varied animals and plants but it also has a wide and a spectacular view of various kinds of birds as well as reptiles. This place also protects one of the endangered birds of the Indian ecosystem, The Great Indian Bustard.

The national park is located at a distance of 45 kms from the city of Jaisalmer and there are a lot transportation options available. There are a various hotels available in Jaisalmer so you don’t have to worry about your accommodation also. So, while staying at Jaisalmer one can easily book a taxi or take a bus to have an all day tour of this National Park to spend a day in the midst of the nature.


The Desert National Park is located near the Jaisalmer city of Rajasthan. It is located at a distance of just forty five kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is one of the most visited tourist spots in India and that is why reaching the Park from the city of Jaisalmer is quite easy and hassle free. Moreover the city of Golden city of Jaisalmer is also easily accessible from all the major cities of India.


The fauna life in the Park can be divided under various categories. This park consists not only of wild animals but a wide range of bird life forms as well. Also not to forget the various kinds of reptiles that can be seen in the park.

The Black Buck is a very common form of antelope that can be seen in the park. The antelopes with their long horns and graceful body moves all around the park like a proud inhabitant. The other notable inhabitants of the park who needs a special mention are the desert cat, desert fox, Chinkara and the Wolf. In this Park you can view a peaceful existence of both predators and the prey.

Now, it is time to have a peek at the various kinds of avifauna that can be seen in this park. The Majestic or the main attraction among the avifauna is the great Indian bustard. Other than that you can also find various kinds of exotic and beautiful Indian birds. Some of them are Sandgrouds, Larks, shrikes, bee-eaters and partridges. These birds are however permanent resident of the park. The park also holds a stunning view of its guests or migratory birds which are Demoiselle Crane, Honey Buzzards, Falcons, Houbara Bustard, Tweeny Eagles, etc.

The park is also the house for deadly yet gorgeous reptiles like the Common Krait, Monitor Lizard, Saw- Scaled Viper; Spiny- tailed Lizard and Russell’s viper.


Now when it is the matter of the floral variety then the Desert National Park doesn’t end with just a few varieties of cactuses but it has much more on its platter. It has a various kind of trees like the Dhok, Palm Tree, Ber and Ronj.


Though the park itself provides the visitor with a magnificent view but if one have to point out then the main attractions of the Desert National Park will be the Great Indian Bustard and the varied sand dunes. Also, not to forget the great variety of migratory birds who come to this place from different corners of the world.

Climate And Best Time to Visit

The summer in this place is quite hot and is between April to June. The rainfall is often experienced from June to August. However, the winter season is quite cool and lies from October to March. Thus, the best time to visit the park is between October to march.

How to Reach

By Air

Jaisalmer itself does not have any airport but the nearest airport is situated in Jodhpur which is located at a distance of 285 kms. However, Jaisalmer is well connected through roadways and railways. Thus one can easily hire a car or also take a train to reach Jaisalmer form Jodhpur.

By Road

There are a various number of government as well as private car and bus facilities which can be availed to reach the city of Jaisalmer. It is well connected with the other cities of Rajasthan via a well maintained roadway.

By Train

The railway of Jaisalmer is also quite developed. It has the facility for both the broad gauge as well as the meter gauge trains. It can be easily accessed from all major cities of India. Also one can opt the facility of the “palace on wheels”, a tourism train which is operated in Rajasthan by the tourism department of India.

Visitor Information

To have a wonderful tour of the Desert National Park, the visitors need to obtain special permissions. They need to pay extra amount for the cars and the coaches. The amount for the car is INR 100 and for the coach is INR 200. Beside that the entry fee is INR 100 per person. And, the park timings are from morning 10 am to evening 5 pm.

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