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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is probably the most important tourist destination for wildlife and nature lovers visiting Rajasthan. Travelers love to visit the sanctuary as it offers a great view of wildlife in their natural habitat. The place has an immense historical significance for the people of Rajasthan in general and Bikaner in particular.

Location and History

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is situated approximately 32 kilometers from Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan and one of the most favored tourist destinations for nature lovers. The sanctuary is home to a large number of species of wild animals but the unique factor that drives tourists to this place is that they can watch these species in their natural element and surroundings. The experience is quite different from watching wild animals in a zoo with their movements severely restricted with cages.

This is the same place which the Maharaja of Bikaner used as a hunting ground. There were an abundance of wild animals in the forest here which were used as games for hunting by the past rulers of the place. Today, Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is used to preserve a variety of wild animals and provide education to visitors about their habitat and lifestyle.

Flora and Fauna

The sanctuary is spread over vast tracts of forest land covered with dense vegetation, tall trees and innumerable shrubs and plants. The sanctuary also has a beautiful lake. It is home to a number of common and rare animals that includes wild fowls, desert foxes, hares, deer, antelopes, blue bulls, black bucks, chinkara, and lots more. Visitors can also see a large variety of migratory birds, especially during the winter season. They are generally visible near the lake area of the sanctuary.

What to Expect

On your lucky day, it is possible to catch glimpse of rare birds like the imperial sand grouses that come from the distant Siberia. The place also has a sizable population of waterfowls, Indian Bustards and the Demoiselle Cranes. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the region that offer an abundance of striking natural beauty. The presence of a lake, a palace, lush green foliage, dense forest and garden in the same place makes it a must-visit destination on your itinerary. The lake in particular is a place of amazing scenes as it attracts water birds in thousands. You can see amazing visuals of large herds of deer grazing freely.

The management at Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary offers choices of camel safari or jeep safari to travel through the sanctuary. You can also opt for sightseeing tour and nature walk to get an up, close and personal view of the amazing sceneries that the sanctuary has to offer. You can have some splendid snaps for your travel album when you take the nature walk option.

Best Time to Visit

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is open for visitors round the year. However, the best time to visit the place to have the best view of nature, wildlife and birds is from November through April. There is an entry fee of INR 100 per person.

How to Reach

By Bus

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 32 km from Bikaner and can be reached using state transport bus or taxis that operate on the route at frequent intervals.

By Rail

Nearest railway station is Bikaner Junction at 37 km from the sanctuary. Another railway station in Bikaner, Lalgarh Railway Station is also at the same distance from Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is 250 km from the sanctuary.

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