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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Have you ever visited on a hill situated within the long stretched desert land? Have you ever treated your eyes with the nature’s wonderful creation in their natural habitat along with the view of serene mountain ranges? If not then your next destination has to be the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Being declared officially as a wildlife sanctuary in 1980, the nature of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary that is presented to the visitors is bound to be memorable. Starting from flora to fauna, the major aspects of the sanctuary are splendid to the eyes of the tourists.

One of the specialties of the sanctuary is about the orchids. These are found only in this place of Rajasthan. Another specialty involves the highest peak of the state, named Guru Shikhar, with the height of about 1722 meters.

The diverseness of both the flora and fauna species is definitely one more sphere of the sanctuary. Both the rare breeds and the common species of flora can be found in Mount Abu Sanctuary. Even, the inhabitant animals and the migratory birds can be defined as awestruck too.

More than 250 bird species including grey jungle fowl can make things further interesting for the bird lovers. The presence of the endangered and threatened species can be noticed in the sanctuary as well.

Visiting Mount Abu Sanctuary can be more than just worth paying a visit. The enrichment list is never likely to be finished within this given space. Yet, it is important to mention the elegant presence of the bamboo forests, algae and the bryophytes, categorized under flora of the sanctuary.


The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a serene location created by nature. Standing in the park with the backdrop of Aravalli range is a spectacular view. Aravalli range is one of the oldest ranges of mountain in India. This Sanctuary is established in the year of 1960. This place is 7 kilometers long and only about 300 meters wide. This place covers the mountain around 290 sq km. And, most of the visitors come here for the excellent sightseeing. Not only that, one can enjoy the excellent views of the mountain and nature at the same time. This place is to be found at the foothills of the Guru Shikar which is the highest peak of the Aravalli range.


This Sanctuary is the home for a variety of fauna. In its glorious days this sanctuary was the habitat for tigers and lions. However, the present fauna life is something not to be ignored and is spectacular in its own way.

The proud members of this sanctuary are the small Indian civet, jungle cat, sambhar, common langur, and Indian hare. It is a comfortable place for the wolf family. Hyena, Indian fox, jackals and so on are the other members in this sanctuary. Some other forms of fauna life like the porcupine, hedgehog, and pangolin also can be found in this sanctuary.

The sloth bear also finds an ideal place for staying comfortably in this sanctuary. Such animals which are noted as the threatened species also find a secured habitat here.
It is also a place where one can find more or less 250 species of birds. But, when someone is talking about the specialty of this place, then the grey jungle fowl always comes to the top of the list.


This place is quite a rich place for the various kinds of the floras. It is an ideal place for the xenomorphic thorn forest in the subtropical region. As it is placed at the foothills of the mountain, so that, the subtropical evergreen flora can be seen here. In the flora family, one can find more or less 112 plants which come with 449 general and 820 species.

At the Rajasthan, the Mount Abu is the only place where one can view an array of orchids. The orchids with their gorgeous beauty truly become a treat for the eyes. It is also enriched with various algae and bryophytes. Also the 16 species of the ferns and the 3 species of the wild roses find here which are reported as the rare species.


This place is well known for the beautiful views of the nature. One can feel the freshness of Mother Nature in this place. Not only that, a wide diversity in flora and fauna can make this place a must see option of the traveler’s guide book.

Climate And Best Time to Visit

In the summer, the temperature of this place is quite hot. It also gets an average rainfall during the monsoon season. The winter season is quite cold and the nights are quite chilly. The best time to visit this place October to March.

How to reach

By Air

The Mount Abu does not have the airport and the nearest airport is located in the Udaipur. It is 185 km away from the Mount Abu. But, one can easily reach here with the help of private cars, buses or in trains.

By Roads

Mount Abu is well connected with the roadways. Some small roadways connect this place to the national highway no. 14 and 8. So, one can easily connect with major cities like Jodhpur or Delhi through the roadways. The condition of roads is quite good and one can easily use a taxi or a private car to reach this place.

By Train

The nearest railway station is the Abu Road and it takes 2 hours of driving to reach this place. It is one of the important stoppages of Northern and Western Railway.

Visitor information

To spend a lovely time in this place, visitors should pay some entry fees. For the Indians, it cost INR 10 and for the other country people, the charge is INR 40. And, this sanctuary is open for the visitors from 8:00 am to 5 pm.

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