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Horse Safari

One of the major parts of the culture of Rajasthan is the Horse Safari. It is among the famous safaris of Rajasthan for the tourists. Horse safaris are usually conducted on the countryside, hilly regions, fascinating temples, magnificent forts, picturesque local areas, etc. To take pleasure of the real flavor of Rajasthan on the horse back takes someone to a different era, which belongs to a timeless and archaic land.

Horse safari is currently the most thrilling alternative of camel safari. The Rajputs were by birth horseback riders, and the convention was stoutly followed in the medieval period when the cavalry became a most vital side of the desert armies. The Marwari horse is an original species, strong alert and notable among the worlds breeds. In addition, the Sindhi and Kathiawadi horses are also expert at going across the desert landscape.

Horse safaris are generally conducted in the surrounding area of Udaipur where the hilly regions and forested landscapes are perfect. In Horse safari, the routes are usually diverse, passes close to the villages, ruined ancient monuments, and old temples. These are perfect places to stop for a bit of relaxation and leisure or lunch and a quick sleep. Riders are recommended to equip themselves with hat, riding gears and boots, depending on their ability to ride the horses across the countryside. It is considered that if some one has not seen the hamlets of Rajasthan then their Journey is incomplete.

So, these safaris are designed to explore the unseen area of hamlets of Rajasthan, which are only accessible by horses. During this Safari, one can closely witness the hamlets, where conventional Rajasthani life continues unharmed by the world outside. One can sit on back of the horse and ride through the unseen magnificent areas. In this Horse safari, one can enjoy the day- to- day exquisiteness of the rural Rajasthan. Men in vibrant colorful turbans and the women in their beautiful traditional dresses, magnificently painted kitchen walls, relaxed camels chewing green fodder slowly and curious children playing here and there and many more. With these entire varieties one can get an exceptional life time experience only on the Horse Back.

General Riding Instructions

  • The camel is a lovely animal, though, certain precautions must be taken and instructions should be observed to make the horse ride as relaxed and safe as possible.
  • A helmet should be used for safety reasons.
  • No Capri’s or shorts should be worn as the skin on the legs will get rubbed by the saddle when the horse moves.
  • It is better not to wear open toed shoes.
  • A bridle is needed to control the horse’s speed and directions.

What to Bring With You

As the Horse Safaris are usually arranged during the winter season, one should need woolen clothes. People will also need to carry sleeping bags, beds and blankets with them. During the hours of daylight, you may need a sun hat, sun block lotion, a pair of sun glasses as the sun is sweltering during this part of the day. People always have to carry a first aid kit along with them for safety reasons, as well as any other essential thing which might be needed in every day life.

  • A good megapixel digital camera
  • Sun Screen & Sun Block
  • Towel
  • Water Bottles
  • Diary, pen and some games to play
  • Some interesting books to read
  • Full-sleeve shirts, long trousers and boots
  • A first aid kit

Best Locations For The Horse Safari

Horse safari gives an exceptional way of discovering the natural and artistic beauty of Rajasthan. It is the finest way to explore the tough and rugged hilly terrains. In Rajasthan, horse safaris are generally conducted in the attractive hilly regions of the Aravalis and Deogarh Plateau, the striking forested plains close to Udaipur, Samode with the sandy and stony grounds of Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur regions.

Some Basic Facts

A huge number of tour operators and travel agents in Rajasthan conduct horse safaris. Most of these horse safaris are conducted nearby the slopes of the striking Aravalis and Deogarh Plateau, the beautiful lush green forested plains surrounding Udaipur, Samode with the desert regions of Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. These 2 to 10 days long horse safaris gives the glimpse of the unseen areas of the vibrant Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit Horse Safari

The best time for Horse safari is during the moderately cool dry months, from October to March. After March, the temperature of Rajasthan becomes intolerably hot, and then starts the monsoon season. Horse safaris generally starts early in the morning to cover some distance and a suitable camping site to be found and set up before dusk.

Cost of Horse Safari

The price of Horse safaris varies in accordance with the standard of comfort and food provided. The approximate price varies from 1500 INR to 2500 INR per day, including the meals that will be almost 30$ to 50$. Though, this can increase for high level camping facilities and transportation by jeep provided for the remaining part of the journey.

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