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Camel Safari

It is not an easy task to ride a camel as people may consider it to be. Nor it is something to test endurance. Rather, it is an opportunity to go on an exploration of Thar, which is a vibrant desert with hospitable and colourful people. Itineraries lasting up to 2-7 days that would take one approximately 40-50 kms in one day are available for tourists. The itineraries take the tourists to the regions in Jaisalmer, Osian, Khimsar and Bikaner. Usually the night halts are made close to village so that the tourists may have a chance mingle with the local people and get an insight into their tradition and culture. There is one camel each pax accompanied by one camel cart to carry baggage and making provision for the riders to rest when they desire. Tours include entertainment by the local artisans, kitchen tent, and foam mattresses, toilet tents that have pit system, 2 bottles of mineral water a day, and three meals in one day, tea/coffee, tents to share and an escort.

Rajasthan's camel safari is a source of excitement and adventure that give a traditional means to view the beauty of Thar Desert and the State's colourful countryside. As the tourists proceed on a camel safari, they can enjoy the massive Thar Desert with its exotic sand dunes. One must be able to set the balancing act right and get familiar with the camel's movement.

The tourists can enjoy the amazing and exotic sand dunes and its golden sands sparkling while sitting on the camel. They can also fully enjoy the sight of the rural Rajasthan with naked eyes. The best places for camel safari are Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer that fall within the heart of Rajasthan's Thar Desert. It is fun to explore the enormous sand dunes early in the morning and evening and spend the nights under the sky studded with stars with cool breeze blowing and casting a spell. The night halts during the safari near a village is great chance to learn about the lives, tradition and culture of the local villagers. The villagers are famous for the hospitality they exhibit and are keen to fulfil the request tourists make.

General Riding Instructions

  • Although camels are tame animals, certain care must be exercised and instructions followed for a smooth and safe ride.
  •  While you mount the camel, you must lean back and be comfortable with the saddle.
  • The backpack must be hung on the knob of the saddle.
  • You must lean back whenever the camel sits down or stands up and keep holding the reigns in tight manner.
  • The reigns must be held tightly since one keeps on moving back and forward.
  • When the camel turns right the rein must be pulled gently to the right and when turning to the left pull the rein gently to left.
  • When the camel gallops, one must pull both the reins slowly and give both sides of the camel slight kick.
  • For making the camel stop both reins, have to be pulled quickly.
  • In order to make the animal sit pull the rein and say "Jhu Jhu".
  • To make the camel walk again pull both the reins up.
  • You can ask the trained drivers if you wish to see a demonstration before starting the trip. You must never give the animal anything to eat or provoke it ever.

What to Bring With You

The Camel Safari is arranged for in the winter season therefore one requires woollens. Other things that are needed include blankets, sleeping bags and carry beds. You will need sun tan lotion, sunglasses and sun hat during daytime. Carrying first aid box and other things of necessity is advised.

  • A cap, hat or turban
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Long trousers, shirt with long-sleeves, solid shoes like sneakers. The Sun happens to be fierce here.
  • Towel and toilet paper
  • Books, diary, pen, cards and other games
  • First aid kit
  • Woollens for night time
  • Positive attitude with a smile
  • Mineral water and food is made available all the time. Only filtered and clean water is used by the riders to prepare meals. Freshly prepared vegetarian food cooked over campfire is served to the tourists.
  • No need of sleeping bags as clean bed rolls are provided to keep tourists warm and protected from sand.
  • The tourists are supposed to keep the desert free of litter.

Best Locations For The Camel Safari

The best location to start a camel safari is Jaisalmer, which is fairly well connected to other parts of India via road, train and air. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is also a great point to start the exploration of the entire State on a camel safari or otherwise.  Jaipur is also well connected to rest of India by means of trains, bus and air. Mandawa and Bikaner, which are well-known camel safari towns, have good connectivity to Jaipur via bus. The major towns of the State can be reached by bus. Tourists can hire private taxis and cars for the trip.

Some Basic Facts

An operators and travel agents organise Rajasthan's famous camel safari. The happen to be in and around Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Khimsar and Osian and take 2-7 days. The longer ones can even last month long. Short duration camel safari for one day can also be arranged. They are meant to give the desert's glimpse. Most of the camel safaris begin from Jaisalmer.

Best Time to Visit Camel Safari

The duration between Septembers to March is the best time to go for a camel safari. After the month of March, it becomes unbearably hot in the desert and later the monsoon sets in rendering it not fit for the safari. The camel safaris start early morning so that some distance could be easily covered and a camping spot could be located and set up before it becomes dark.

Cost of Camel Safari

Camel safari is going to cost you depending upon the comfort provided and the quality of food you choose for yourself. On an average, it will cost you approximately $15 or 650 rupees per day inclusive of meals. An upgraded facility that includes top quality arrangements and jeep transportation to cover some distance will cost you approximately $35 1500 rupees. The better the facility the greater it is going to cost you.

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