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Desert Safari

Deserts are a crucial part of the history and traditions of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is dwelling to numerous nomadic tribes who reside in the deserts. A vibrant tribal person riding on a camel in the grand desert of Rajasthan is a scene directly from the movies. A well-known tour activity in Rajasthan is the Desert Safari. To discover the mystifying life and culture of the Rajasthani hamlets one must take on a desert safari. The desert safari takes on a tour all the way through the Thar Desert in which a tourist will come across many hamlets and get an immediate experience of the vibrant colorful life of the rural regions. During this desert safari the tourists can enjoy spending nights in deserts in a tent and will get to relish the Rajasthani local cuisines.

Hamlets with mud houses, a local woman wearing colorful traditional attires, men in colorful turbans and children playing here and there are a common view during the desert safari. Rajasthan has a very lively culture which has a mystifying appeal to it. The desert safari will give the tourists a chance to discover this strange culture. The desert safari is a doorway for the tourists to get involved and experience the vibrant rural life of the Rajasthan. The flora and fauna of these desert regions are very exclusive and the tourists get the chance to explore this in the desert safari. Several types of deserts safaris are there which the tourists can experience. Camel safari is an illustrious desert safari among tourists. The tourists can go for 11 days Jaisalmer- Bikaner desert safari on camel.

During this safari the tourists passes through the core areas of the Thar Desert and gets the chance to witness the historical ruins. The elephant safari is also very popular amongst the tourists. These are some short safari tours during which tourists are taken on an elephant for a trip of the nearby city. For those visitors who want to take a trip effortless and light can choose for the jeep safari and take pleasure in the magnificent deserts and hamlets of Rajasthan. The desert safari to the sand dunes is a must see thing for each visitor coming to Rajasthan. In the sand dunes of Sam, the wind never stops and the tourists can enjoy the splendor of deserts. Small duration desert safari to a particular hamlet of Thar Desert is also very popular among the tourists. This kind of desert safari is fast but gives sufficient amount of time to explore the hamlets and its beautiful culture. A most thrilling feature of the desert safari is that all the tourists can get the chance to pleasure themselves with local folk music and delicious food.

What to Bring With You

As the Desert Safaris are usually organized during the winters, tourists will need woolen clothes. The tourists should also carry sleeping bags, beds and blankets for the night stay in camps. During the daytime, one might require a sun hat, sun blocks and a pair of sun glasses as the sun is fierce during the daytime. One should also carry a first aid kit along with them as well as any other essential items needed every day.

  • A good megapixel digital camera
  • Sun glasses and binoculars
  • Some interesting books to read
  • Essential medicines
  • Toilet paper and towel
  • A first aid kit
  • Diary, pen and some games to play
  • Always try to keep the desert clean without leaving any wastage behind.

Best Locations For The Desert Safari

The major locations for desert safaris in Rajasthan are Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. This safari passes through the rural areas of Rajasthan showing the small villages of the surrounding areas of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur etc, and their populace. It also shows the heritage & culture of the Rajasthani people. Through this safari tourists can experience the true flavor of Rajasthan. One can experience the trilling camel & elephant riding during this safari. Tourists can also enjoy the local Rajasthani cuisines.

Some Basic Facts

A huge number of tour operators and travel agents in Rajasthan conduct desert safaris. Most of these desert safaris are conducted near the regions of Thar Desert. The main locations are the nearby areas of Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner. These 6 to 7 hours short safaris and 7 to 12 days long desert safaris gives the glimpse of the history, rural tradition and culture of the vibrant Rajasthan.

Best time to Visit Desert Safari

The best time for desert safari in Rajasthan is during the pretty cool dry months, from October to April. After April, the desert’s temperature becomes intolerably hot, and after that starts the monsoon season. Desert safaris generally start in the early morning to cover some distance and to find a suitable camping site and setting it up, before dusk.

Cost of Desert Safari

The cost of desert safaris varies in accordance with the standard of comfort, food provided and also the duration of the safaris. The short safaris are of 6 to 7 hours duration while the long safaris are of 7 to 12 days duration and extend up to a month long. There are various kinds of desert safaris such as camel safari, jeep safari and elephant safari. The approximate price varies from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1500 per person, almost 10-30$, for camel safaris, including the meals and drinking water and Rs. 2000 per person per day, almost 35-40$ for jeep safaris. For elephant safaris it varies from Rs. 450 to Rs. 6000 per person, almost 100$. Though, this can increase for high level camping and other extra facilities provided.

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