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Elephant Safari

Tourist visits the vibrant state of Rajasthan to enjoy the magnificence and thrill of this state by the elephant safaris. Rajasthan, the most beautiful & colorful desert across the world is the perfect place for enjoying an elephant ride. It is leisurely but charming. It is an exclusive way to explore the Thar Desert. Offering the true adventure, the elephant safari is an inspiring way to discover the villages, wildlife, destinations and sand dunes.

Exploring Rajasthan would be partial without experiencing elephant safari. This safari adds an imperial touch to the tour. This is a simplest way to explore the majestic lands of the incredible Rajasthan. The sluggish and stable elephant’s leap helps the travelers to experience Rajasthan’s amusement. The most famous thing to discover by the elephant safari is the Rajasthan’s wildlife. This safari generally allows the tourists to witness the hills, landscapes, splendid forts, striking temples, picturesque spots etc.

The Elephant walks swiftly and steadily which makes the safari perfect.  Safaris in and around the prime towns, mostly in the nearby areas of wildlife sanctuaries are the places where the same elephants can do twofold duty for watching wildlife. This safari is a difficult issue and needs many servitors for the beast along with some camps too, be liable to be more bountiful. So, these are perfect for motivating groups who can be guaranteed an experience, which is unique from any other place.

General Riding Instructions

  • The elephant is an attractive & tame animal, though, certain precautions must be taken and instructions should be observed to make the elephant ride as relaxed and safe as possible.
  • When the elephant stand up and sits, one should sit carefully at that time.
  • One should take drinking water with them as the sun is very fierce during day time.
  • During elephant safari, always go with an expert who can control the elephant at any condition.

What to Bring With You

As the Elephant Safaris are usually organized during the winter season, one should need woolen clothes. During the hours of daylight, you may need a sun hat, sun block lotion, a pair of sun glasses as the sun is fierce during this part of the day. For night stay in camp site one has to take beds, blankets and sleeping bags with them. People always have to carry a first aid kit along with them for safety reasons, as well as any other essential thing which might be needed in every day life.

  • Some interesting books to read
  • A good digital camera
  • Towel
  • Diary, pen and some games to play
  • Full-sleeve shirts and long trousers
  • A first aid kit
  • Essential medicines
  • Sun glasses
  • Binoculars

Best Locations For The Elephant Safari

The major locations for Elephant safaris in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Pushkar and various wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, ancient temples and forts across Rajasthan. Elephant safari is very popular in the pink city of Jaipur. This ride starts from the center of the city and takes the tourists through the various historical places and monuments along with the famous Amber fort in Jaipur. Similarly, the safari takes across the famous places of Pushkar also. It also passes through the rural hamlets, fields with the help of a local guide.

Some Basic Facts

A huge number of tour operators and travel agents in Rajasthan conduct Elephant safaris. Most of these Elephant safaris are conducted nearby slopes of the striking Aravallis ranges along with the lush green forested plains, hills of Aravallis, forts and monuments of Jaipur and Pushkar. These 3 to 4 hours short safaris and 2 to 7 days long Elephant safaris gives the glimpse of the history and wildlife of the vibrant Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit Elephant Safari

The best time for Elephant safari is during the moderately cool dry months, from October to March. After March, the temperature of Rajasthan becomes intolerably hot, and then starts the monsoon season. Elephant safaris mainly starts early in the morning to cover some distance and a suitable camping site to be found and set up before dusk.

Cost of Elephant Safari

The cost of Elephant safaris varies in accordance with the standard of comfort, food provided and also the duration of the safaris. The short safaris are of 3 to 4 hours duration while the long safaris are of 2 to 7 days duration. The approximate price varies from Rs. 450 to Rs. 6000 per person that will be almost 10-100$, including the meals and drinking water. Though, this can increase for high level camping and other extra facilities provided.

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