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Flora And Fauna Of Gujarat

Gujarat is prosperous in its hoard of flora and fauna. The topography of Gujarat is self-enclosed with an in depth style of flora and fauna. In Gujarat, one will discover as several as five hundred mixtures of mammals. Around 1314 species of birds, a good selection of insects, amphibians, fishes and reptiles all are often explored in Gujarat.

Flora and Fauna

According to the India State of forest report of 2009, Gujarat has seven.46% of its whole biological space beneath the jungle cowl. As per the districts, the Dangs has the foremost space beneath forest cowl. Gujarat has four general parks and twenty one sanctuaries. Gujarat is that the solely house of Asiatic lions. Additionally it's measured because the solely current natural home ground of lions. Gir Forest Park is found within the southwest a part of the state. It covers a part of the lions' territory. With the exception of lions, leopards are initiated in state. Gujarat has a number of main mountain ranges of Indi that like Sahyadri, Aravalli, Vindhya and Saputara. With the exception of this Gir hills, Barda, Jessore and Chotila area unit positioned in several componentsof Gujarat. Girnar is that the tallest climax whereas Saputara is that the solely hill-station within the state.


The natural vegetation of the state is proscribed to area unit as that acquire ample downfall and are at the similar time agriculturally sterile. Toughness of ground and stony skinny soils has completed some components of the state inappropriate for cultivation. Such areas, once serious downfall occur it supports the enlargement of forests. The plants like crops don't contain to achieve adulthood and bear fruits in but a year.

The necessary criteria for the growth of forests area unit applicable conditions of temperature Associate in Nursing an intense downfall however their allocation is ruled by the individual choice of refined land. In Gujarat, the downfall has been essentially radio-controlled by geographic options. The high rugged areas receive higher downfall than the plains.

Moist Deciduous Forests

Moist Deciduous Forests arise in Dangs and in fractions of Vyara at Surat division. These forests aren't evergreen and shack their leaves throughout the month from March and Gregorian calendar month.

Dry Deciduous Forests

There area unit varied growths of trees that area unit deciduous. Throughout the dehydrated season deciduous trees are often seen in vast numbers. The minor cover in these woods is additionally deciduous. These area units sometimes sub greens or evergreen as attributable to moistness during this region. There’s additionally associate in nursing brush of shrubs however the brightness reaches the shell so it permits the growth of grass into a savanna-type of grass field. Bamboos aren't plentiful. Different trees of the arid deciduous forests area unit teak, Anogeissus latifolia, incense tree, and Diospyros malanoxylon. Parched deciduous forests with teak occur in north-east Gujarat and preponderantly in Sabarkantha district. The forests of Junagadh area unit even costly for his or her surrender of timber and of grass growing on their outer margin.

Thorny Forests

With the declining downfall within the drier north of state, the forests starts turning thorny. Such forests area unit seen either in Kutch or at north of Saurashtra and Banaskantha districts. They’re characterised by tree arabica, Capparis ophylla, tree leucophloea and Zizyphus mauratiana. The prickly forests of north Gujarat area unit skinny and provide sites for cattle-grazing. There area unit bamboo plantations too however there area unit nearly no trees that may yield timber.


Gujarat is incredibly loaded in animal life. The restricted forest area unit as of the Gir are in Panchmahals, Saurashtra and Dangs. They consists crowds of gazelles and antelopes. The Asiatic lion are often seen within the Gir forest. It’s additionally smaller mammals like languor’s and blue bulls. Gujarat includes a wide lineation, returning rivers, lakes and ponds. So it's loaded during a style of fish. Besides Asiatic lion, tiger, panther, cheetah, wolf, canidand fox all are found within the forest areas of the state. Civet’s area unit the gray languor, rabbits and porcupines area unit another animals found there. The ass could be a distinctive species found solely in Gujarat that's within the Rann of tannic acid. The black buck in herds and also the noticed ruminant area unit among the antelopes found in Gujarat.

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