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The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad

The Siddi Saiyyed Mosque is one of the most popular mosques in the city of Ahmedabad and was constructed by Sidi Saeed Or Sidi Saiyyed who was basically an Abyssinian in Bilal Jhajar Khan retinue who had been a general in Sultan Shams-ud- Din Muzaffar Shah army belonging to Gujarat Sultanatae. It has been found to get attested by the tablet of marble stone fixed on the mosque wall.

The mosque has its location in the proximity of Lal Darwaza in the city of Ahmedabad and is regarded as one of the most prominent mosques in the state. Sidi Sayed mosque of Ahmedabad comprises of ten windows in the semi circular shape which appear to be quite appealing as they are accentuated by the beautiful mesh which covers them commonly referred to as 'Jali'.

Anyone having passion for art as well as history, then Sidi Saiyad Jali of Ahmedabad in the Indian state of Gujarat is the right destination to be preferred.

History and Importance

The Siddi Saiyyed Mosque came into being in 1573, by Sidi Sayed, who served Sultan Ahmed Shah as a slave during those times. The mosque got constructed in the last year of Sultanate of Gujarat existence.

This mosque acquired a worldwide popularity because of its beauty. The Siddi Saiyyed Masjid has been carved so skillfully that it offers an amazing view and makes it a distinct place in the entire world. People from different places come here to pray and have a glance of this splendid architecture basically the skillfully carved Jali screen windows representing the style of Indo-Saracenic type and has been an admiration for a large number of tourists across the globe. Comprising of windows which have been carved delicately, the mosque had earned recognition because of its stone tracery. The building work of the Sidi Sayed mosque got started in the last year of reign of Gujarat Sultanate.

The Siddi Saiyyed Mosque is regarded as the most prominent shrine of the community of Muslims in the city of Ahmedbad, as it exhibits all the glittering facets of a structure which can be witnessed to be classy. It is well known for the acclaimed gorgeous Jali screen, which is located in the ten windows semi-circular in shape. There are two walls in the west which appear to be quite impressive having graceful carvings as well as designs.


The mosque has got a mind blowing architecture which is completely arcuated and gained recognition due to its amazingly carved windows having ten stoned latticework around the rear arches. The walls of rear are filled with stones which are square shaped as well as pierced panels spotted in geometrical designs. There are two bays which flank the central aisle having stone slabs reticulated in a style of intertwined trees along with palm motif and foliage. The window or Jali is intricately carved with stones and is commonly referred to as Siddi Sayyed Jali, which has become an unofficial sign which symbolizes the Ahmedabad city and an offering inspiration to the design of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad logo.

The arch of the central window in the mosque, which could have possibly offered view to another Jali has been covered with a stone wall because it remained incomplete because of the invasion of Mughal emperors during those times therefore it could not be completed as per the plans of Gujarat Sultanate.

As mentioned, there are a couple of bays which flank the central aisle reticulating the stone slabs designed in style of trees along with foliage of a Hindu motif, the Kalpa tree. They appear like a palm having a parasite motif. Initially this mosque remained the part of the wall of city but at present it has been closed to the river end in Relief Rd.

The usual appearance of the mosque is depicted by the yellow colour, which is commonly found in the shrines found in the vicinity. Besides this there are majestic floral designs accompanied by architectural works formed in a unique way which distinguishes this mosque from others. It is an epitome of the Indo-Sarcenic style exhibiting how merely a simple stone may create wonders and come out as splendid as it is. There are miniature models of this shrine for sale which can be purchased from the visitors to have a look at the superb edifices within it.

How to Reach There

The tourists may easily access the Ahmedabad city by train, bus or air service. The Ahmedabad airport is an international airport facilitating regular flights from countries such as USA, London, Middle east and Australia. On a daily basis there are around four flights to and fro from Mumbai, Delhi and other prominent cities of the country from Ahmedabad. The city of Ahmedabad remains connected to Mumbai through trains as well. There are approximately fifty trains which can be availed to travel from the city of Mumbai on regular basis. There are a large number of hotels which can be availed to tourists facilitating a number of requirements of the tourists. From cheap inns to five star hotels anything can be reached for different budgets of the people. It is advisable to visit the Ahmedabad city during the months of winter from November to March because the summer season here is extremely hot and should be avoided if possible.

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Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque Ahmedabad

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