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Bohra Hajira Mosque

The city of Jamnagar is commonly known as the Chhota Kashi or small Kashi due to its large number of religious places found here, be it temples or mosques located around the city. Besides the Ratan Bai Masjid, Bala Hanuman Temple and a number of other holy places having old mosques and dargahs, there is Bohra Hajira mosque also found here. There is a dargah of the Dawoodi Bohra community sometimes referred to as the Bohra Hajira. It is a great mausoleum for worship of the Muslims and a number of Muslim saints on the embankments of river close to the highway of Rajkot are found here. The place is worth visiting. Photography is allowed here provided permission has been granted by the people incharge.

History and Importance

The Bohra Hajira structure has its location in the middle of Jamnagar and Rajkot on the embankment of a river. The durgah of Bohra Hajira is regarded as one of the oldest monument of Jamnagar. Years back, people were facilitated with boats for crossing the Nagmati and Rangmati rivers. But at present, the water level of river is very low.

The Bohra Hajira Masjid is however not too popular among the tourists visiting Gujarat but if one reaches the city of Jamnagar, then this place can be visited to know more about the enriched culture as well as heritage of the state of Gujarat in older times.


The structure exhibits one of the finest architecture style which dates back to old times. There is rich regality witnessed here. A number of prominent views can be availed here.

How to Get There

By Road

Since Jamnagar is 92 km away from Rajkot there are a number of buses run by State transport as well as private luxury coaches available for the people to reach Jamnagar from different cities of Gujarat. Bedi Gate lies in the proximity of Bohra Hajira so one can get off the bus here.

By Rail

Trains run regularly on Western Railway and have connections to city of Ahmedabad.

By Air

Airport lies at a distance of 10 km from the town. Jamnagar is connected through different domestic airlines.

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Bohra Hajira Mosque
Bohra Hajira Mosque
Bohra Hajira Mosque
Bohra Hajira Mosque
Bohra Hajira Mosque
Bohra Hajira Mosque

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