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Mai Puri Masjid

The small Somnath town has been one of the most significant places of pilgrimage for the Hindus. According to a number of texts points and references, Somnath had been inhabited by the Aryans. It still consists of the confluence where the Saraswati river is regarded as flowing into the sea. This town is believed to have been raided by Mahmud of Gazni several times who established this mosque of Mai Puri. He had taken away the Somnath wealth to his homeland in the country of Afghanistan. The Mai Puri Masjid of Somnath is one among the several historical, religious and mythical places of Somnath which has drawn a large number of tourists here.

History and Importance

The Mai Puri Masjid is one of the most ancient structures located at a distance of 1 kilometer from Junagadh Gate in Somnath. Junagadh Gate is a major gateway to Somnath from the region of Veraval. The temple had been established in dedication of the Sun God but further it was transformed into a mosque during the reign of Mahmud of Ghazni. In its surroundings, there are a several number of tombs for accentuating the fact that this ground belongs to the Muslim community.According to a Hindu mythology, the town of Somnath is the holy place where Lord Krishna had been shot in his leg.


The Mai Puri Masjid consists of an amazing style of architecture. It is a vital place of religious significance for the Muslims and the tombs spotted in the vicinity are also of great importance for the people of Somnath.

The ancient monument of Mai Puri Masjid is like a gateway to Veraval and offers a landscape view due its white and blue colored tiles. Muslims regard it to be a significant destination for pilgrimage for Muslims in addition to the other mosques located in the city of Somnath.

How to Get There

The best time for visiting Somnath is from the month of October to March. It can be easily accessed from Junagad as well as Veraval. There are buses which run on daily basis and ply the passengers from one place to another.

By Road

Somnath is 79 km away distant from Junagadh and lies 25 km away from Chorwad. There are buses run by state transport as well as private luxury coaches connecting several centers of state of Gujarat to Somnath.

By Rail

Somnath is found to have its location 6 km away from the closest railway station at Veraval.

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Mai Puri Masjid
Mai Puri Masjid
Mai Puri Masjid
Mai Puri Masjid
Mai Puri Masjid
Mai Puri Masjid

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