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Gujarat – Land of the Mahatma Awaits You

The State of Gujarat proudly has that one thing which no other state has. Being the birthplace of the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and Gujarat has him within it. It has conserved that great personality in conserving ashrams, statues, museums, etc.

If one wants to gain knowledge about the life of Mahatma Gandhi visiting Gujarat would be best thing to do. He was born at this place and even started the various movements here that drove the British out of India giving it independence. Famous for his message of peace he is an icon in the world that inspired many leaders with the likes of President Barack Obama of USA.

Information on Gandhi Circuit

There are several attractions related to Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarat. Gandhi Tourism Circuit has been developed by the State Government that helps the tourist know about the life of the Mahatma.

To begin with, visit Porbandar. It was this particular town where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Popularly known as Kirti Mandir the Mahatma was born in this blue haveli. Now this place has been made into a museum that displays old photographs of his. This museum also has some rare personal belongings of him.

Followed by Porbandar, one must visit the Gandhi Ashram, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Ahmadabad and on the Sabarmati riverbanks. For several years, Gandhiji resided there. At this place, one can get insight into the everyday life of him and his movements. Hand-written letters of Gandhiji, literature and paintings that have reflections of his life can be seen at the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya. Kochrab Ashram that lies near Palid, close to Ahmadabad, was founded by Mahatma Gandhi himself. It is also necessary visit site for tourists. The role of this ashram in the Indian independence quest cannot be negated.

In 1939, Gandhiji had set up Rashtriyashala in Rajkot. Values like Swaraj and pride were instilled by Gandhiji into its core that led to independence of India. Another famous place to visit in Rajkot is the Kaba Gandhi no Delo. This place used to be gandhiji’s father’s home but today it offers a tour of the Mahatma’s life way means of pictures.

Next place to visit is Bhavnagar. Here lies Gandhi Smriti, which is a memorial that was constructed in the remembrance of Gandhiji. The two museums include Barton Museum, which showcases the region’s archaeological remains, and the Gandhi Museum, which shows Gandhiji’s life.

Bardoli, which lies near Surat, played an important role in Indian independence struggle. It was here that Sardar Patel launched the No-Tax movement to protest imposition of taxes by the British on farmers. Some great places to visit in this town include Swaraj Ashram, museum and a garden. One must definitely visit the Aitihasik Ambo which is the famous mango tree beneath which Gandhiji proclaimed that he wanted complete freedom and nothing short of it.

Dandi, near Surat, is a historically important site that witnessed the famous Namak Satyagraha or Dandi March. Dandi March was set to end British monopoly over salt. A march of 390 km, non-violent in nature, was initiated by Gandhiji from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi for making salt that would be tax-free. The march went on for 24 days before it could reach Dandi. He was joined by thousands of people in this march. This march made the world notice the freedom quest by Indian people. Consequently, millions of people joined the freedom struggle of India under Mahatma Gandhi.

All these are the fantastic sites related to Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarat. By visiting these places, the tourist can get knowledge about the life, movements and principles of Mahatma Gandhi.

The State Government has taken tangible cognizance regarding the need of the preservation of the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. It has developed Gandhi Tourism Circuit that includes Dandi, Bardoli, Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Porbandar.


As per officials, a package for three days has been formulated for tourists. Dandi will also be included in the package once the Ahmadabad-Dandi highway is done.
Beginning from Porbandar- Rajkot the Peace tour ends at Ahmadabad. It does not include Somnath and Sasan Gir, which are the State’s major attractions in order to make it an exclusive Gandhi Tour.

An entire section has been exclusively dedicated to the Father of the Nation on the new designed website. It talks about all the places related to Mahatma Gandhi in detail. A special mention regarding the memorial situated in Bhavnagar is made on the website as an act of homage to Gandhiji.

The website gives detail of the life of the Mahatma like when his family relocated to Rajkot, where he get his initial education and about his education at the Alfred High School in Rajkot. Pictures of Sabarmati Ashram and his birthplace are also showcased.


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Gandhi Circuit
Gandhi Circuit
Gandhi Circuit
Gandhi Circuit
Gandhi Circuit
Gandhi Circuit

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