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Dandi Surat

About the “Dandi March”

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, picked a handful of salt on the morning of 1930’s April 6 to end the Dandi March at Dandi. The place was the sea shore of Dandi, a village located along the Arabian shore in Navsari district of Gujarat. Soon after this, the British arrested him. It marked the beginning of the freedom movement.

More than 8 decades after this electrifying moment in Dandi, the village with just around 5,000 people has turned into one of the major tourist attractions. The village is situated some 40 kilometers from Surat.

Revolutionary Moment of India

This single step of Mahatma Gandhi shook the very foundation of the British Empire in India. Thousands of people had participated in the Satyagraha, popularly called the “Dandi March” to raise their voice against the law that imposed tax on salt. Jawaharlal Nehru had labeled this movement as the release of a spring which was suppressed for too long.

People visiting Surat and Navsari hardly miss visiting Dandi. This humble village, which nobody knew about until the Satyagraha, has become one of the prominent places in the map of Gujarat. A lot has changed in this village since the march, but the charm of this place that created history is still intact.

Other Dandi Attractions

The Indian Government has built the “Shaheed Smarak” at Dandi as a memorial of the historical Satyagraha. Apart from this, the village offers the Safe Villa built in 1961. Gandhi lived here for some time. The villa features a museum and a library that exhibit pictures and artifacts which belong to Mahatma Gandhi.

Dandi also features a dargah known as Mai Saheba Mazar. There is a pillar called “Kirti” here. It is believed to be built in the memory of Gandhiji.

The beautiful beach with white, smooth sand is spectacular, so are the camel rides here and a visit to the park located near the beach. The sea offers a calm and inviting atmosphere, even for those who can’t swim.

While you are sunbathing and actually bathing in the waters of the sea, don’t forget to visit the Sai Baba temple on the beach. It attracts thousands of pilgrims daily. Thursdays, the day of Sai Baba, give you a chance to attend a glorious “puja” or prayer in this temple.

Dandi is known for its healthy climate. Come here in May or June and taste its delicious mangoes. It offers a big Sanitarium for patients of Asthma. As you stroll along the beach in the mornings, you will find people doing Yoga. Sunrise and sunset offer magnificent views, enough to forget worries and tensions of life at least for that particular moment.

Sparkling Surat

When in Surat you cannot miss the sparkle of diamonds. The city was known as Suryapur in the beginning and lies on the banks of Tapti River of Gujarat. Known as the “Diamond Capital of the World”, Surat offers you a pleasant stay along a tryst with the culture of this state.

Do you know this city cuts and polishes about 92 per cent of the world’s diamonds?

When you have had the opulence of the diamonds to your heart’s content, you must visit Dandi for the humble salt. Undoubtedly, a visit to Surat is incomplete without going to Dandi.

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Dandi Surat
Dandi Surat
Dandi Surat
Dandi Surat
Dandi Surat
Dandi Surat

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