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Kaba Gandhi No Delo Rajkot

The Significance of Kaba Gandhi no Delo

When Mahatma Gandhi’s father Karamchand Gandhi was selected as the Diwan of Rajkot State he lived in what is called today as Kaba Gandhi No Delo. The house is situated off the bustling Gheekantha Road. This has emerged as one of the important places to visit in Gujarat, especially for historians and tourists interested in the life of Gandhi and India’s history.

Gandhi’s house renders a visual tour of this great leader’s life. The pictures are captioned in both Hindi and Gujarati. The house is open for general public all weekdays, except Sundays. An NGO conducts sewing and embroidery classes for young girls inside the house.


Gandhi’s childhood house is now converted into a museum. You can get lots of fascinating details about Mahatma Gandhi from this place. He lived in this Delo from six years of age. Gandhi’s ardor for the hand loom is well known. This ardor is preserved as a small weaving school here.

Apart from a visit to the house, a stroll across the narrow streets of Rajkot city is a delight. It helps you look at the culture of this part of India closely. You can feel the pulse of the city while wandering on the lanes and bylanes. You experience generosity, hospitality, and prosperity of the people here.

A Gentle Reminder to the days of the Mahatma

As you approach the Delo, you feel peace and purity wrap you in its arms. The city authorities have transformed this house into a site for exhibition to enable visitors delve into the life of the Father of the Nation deeply. You can also know about his father. There is a display of items used by the Mahatma in his lifetime.

Items preserved at the Delo include articles and photographs. They are testimony to the various important events that took place at that time in India and in Gandhi’s life. These can be of great interest and importance to students, historians and others who are simply curious about this leader’s life.

The Princely Rajkot

Rajkot, the former capital of Saurashtra has turned into a prosperous business hub today. You can see farmers enthusiastically selling ghee at street corners. At the same time, you can see well-dressed young executives racing to have their day meals through lanes dotted with fresh produce joints.

You can find two faces of Gujarat here. One is the deep-rooted traditional one in the farmers. The other is modern one in executives, trying to keep pace with globalization.

The esteemed Rajkumar College founded in the 19th century is considered one of the best private schools in India. The British had opened this school for royal sons called “Rajkumar” or prince. A trip to this city of Gujarat is one to remember.

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Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot
Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot
Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot
Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot
Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot
Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot

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