Famous Arts and Crafts: You can find lots of items like sculptures, pottery, carpets, metal wares, camel leather shoes, puppets, tiles etc.

Famous Handicrafts: Tie and Dye Fabrics, mirror work, Lac bangles, miniature paintings and Meenakari are popular handicrafts.

Items as Mementos and Gifts: Embroidered Bags, scarves, leather shoes, block prints, precious stones and potter are some buying gifts.

Traditional Handicrafts Hubs: The Shilpgram is known for handicrafts, embroidery and mirror work, Shekhawati is famous for paintings and wooden work, Sanganer for block printing and blue pottery.

Must Experience: Explore the paper making art, the block printing techniques and pottery making.

Where to Shop: Some of the top places are Bapu and Nehru Bazaar in Jaipur, Tripolia Bazaar, Lined Shops near the Amar Sagar Gate in Jaisalmer, Hathipol in City Palace in Udaipur, Patwon Ki Haveli and last but not the least Kapra Bazaar and National Handlooms in Jodhpur. You can explore a variety of stuff at these places which are unique as well as affordable.

Shopping in Jaipur: Some of the important shopping areas in Jaipur are Tripolia bazaar which is known for its metal ware products, you can also go to the Rajasthali market which is renowned for the handmade paper. Other popular places include Nandanam Apartments famous for the handicrafts, Chaura Raasta, Shops Opposite Hawa Mahal and Urmul Outlets where you can find a variety of high quality quilts.

The Colorful Aura of Rajasthan - Arts and Crafts

Rajasthan is not only known for its beautiful and captivating architecture but also for the exclusive handicrafts that are designed by the experienced craftsmen from the villages. Since the ancient times, the handicrafts of Rajasthan have always been popular among the people and this is the reason that one gets to explore a colorful range of items that are admired not only by the Indian tourists but even by the international tourists. Every piece of art is just unique and very colorful that you will be mesmerized by its effect. Some of the prominent colors that you will find in the handicrafts and art pieces include emerald green, yellow, electric blue, purple, red and other attractive shades. Hence you will come across some of the finest art works that you haven’t seen before and love the way it has been created with amazing designs.

Fun with the Fabric - Famous Artifacts

One of the highlighting features of the craft bazaars is the vibrant colors that usually seek the attention of the people. The clothing is transformed into a lovely piece of material through dyeing, embroidery and block printing. Even appliqué is a great way to add a new look to the cloth and decorate it in a new style. Jodhpur is known for its unique bandhani style which is highly appreciated by the people and carried out in a very different way. The different parts of the cloth are knotted with grams and then dyed so that when the process is complete the knotted portions have their original color.  The odhni (headscarf) are also popular and embellished with colorful motifs that make it look pretty. Turn towards Sanganer which is located close to Jaipur and known for its block printed designs that are loved by the tourists. The Sanganeri prints are also lovely and are also exported to other countries owing to its huge demands. The printing industry in flourishing at a rapid pace and you will find huge lengths of cloth lying near the Saraswati River to be dried. To the surprise, you will also find that most of the printing is done by hand through the buntis or chhapas. The designs are decorated with red and blue motifs that bring out the beauty of the pattern called ajrakh and mostly worn by males in the form of turbans and even shawls. So if you come to Rajasthan, do not miss to buy a few ajrakh for your dear ones.

Once the printed cloth is dyed; it is not complete as the same is decorated either through embroidery or appliqué which look just perfect. If you want to know about the embroidery trends of Rajasthan, you will easily find them in one of the museums where a lot of pieces are available that usually forms the part of the Maharajas collection. If you want to purchase the applique designed garments, you can explore a number of options at the Pushkar Camel Fair. It is one of the popular events where people come from different corners come and explore the unique varieties of handicrafts.  There are quite a few options of art and craft; therefore you can find some great choices to suit your taste and budget.

Imperial Artistry That Fascinate

The art and craft of Rajasthan is not only renowned in India but even the international tourists are fond of it and love to carry a few items as a part of the memories of their trip. The skills with which these handicrafts are designed are definitely amazing as a lot of hard work has to be put to reach the level where people can appreciate your work. It is owing to the exclusive work that the handicrafts of Rajasthan have gained a lot of popularity worldwide.  If you wish to buy any kind of stuff, you can head towards the local bazaars and explore a huge collection.

The Art and Craft Hubs of Rajasthan!!!

Rajasthan is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations with Thar Desert being the greatest attractions for the local residents as well as the tourists. Even today you can easily get a glimpse of the old traditions and culture in different forms.  Many palaces, forts, gardens and museums take you to the ancient times and let you explore the bygone era of the Rajputs. Every city is known for its own specialty thus offering an excellent experience of exploring each city one by one. The craftsmanship of Rajasthan is worth admiring as even today you can feel its charm and beauty which attracts millions of people. That is why Rajasthan is known for the top class handicrafts and paintings.

Rajasthan holds a historical background when it comes to art and craft. Every skill from jewelry designing to frescoes and paintings have some or the other testimony associated with it.  The exclusive specimens from the Hadoti School of art can still be found in some of the museums of Rajasthan. Similarly the Miniature paintings are also very popular all around the world. The Raagmala painting as well as the Kangra School of art is very famous in the state. Owing to the popularity of the collection, the government is active enough to maintain the collection and preserve it for the tourists that come from other countries. It is said that the Rajputs were art lovers and therefore they introduced a number of art forms and paintings that you can find even today.

Rajasthani Art is not only popular in India but also worldwide and that is why there is a huge demand of such rare collections in other countries. Even the performing arts like the Dandiya and Ghoomer dance form a part of the evening performance and people enjoy them a lot. That is why people from different parts of the world love to visit Rajasthan and explore the variety of elements that make it the most beautiful destination of India.

The art and craft receive the full focus from the government so that it can be developed and projected as a way to attract the tourists and even generate lots of income by selling the rare collections at good prices. Wood crafts, dolls and metal wares are some of the lovely items that you can buy for your homes to create a traditional touch of Rajasthan. Other products that you will find are decorated chairs, fragrances, carved blokes, mache products and lots more.

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Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
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