Rajasthan is famous for its history and excellent art and architecture. One of the most difficult and tedious works of art in Rajasthan is the stone carving. Stone carving can prominently be seen across the different palaces, forts, temples and havelis. The interest of the rulers in beautiful art and architecture has brought about a lot of innovations in the art of stone carving. Rajasthan is rich in various types of hard rocks such as granite, quartz, marble, slate, etc. These materials are loved by stone carvers.

With sandstone and marble being available in abundance in Rajasthan. This had helped develop the stone art and carving as one of the leading art forms in Rajasthan. The best examples of stone carving can be seen in the forts and palaces of the state. The fine work or jaali work is one of the best features of stone art and carving. The stone carving is also used for making idols. The pink Dholpur, white marble, white and grey soapstone and the green Kota stone are the most popular for making statues.

Jaipur is the main centre of stone carving in Rajasthan. Craftsmen can create beautiful idols and items including utensils like bowls, decorative goods, etc. At the centres in Bikaner, Udaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur and Jaipur one can observe the intrinsic jaali work.

There are various types of precious and semi-precious stones also available in Rajasthan that are used for making jewellery and decorating stone carvings. Rajasthan is one of the largest centres in the world for semi-precious stones. These stones are available in different colours and can be crafted and carved into different shapes. These stones are used for making traditional as well as contemporary jewellery.


The work of stone carving can be dated back to the ancient times when the rule of Rajputs was predominant in the area. The rise of the Rajput Empire gave the art of stone carving a new beginning. It was during this time that the forts of Jaisalmer, Jalore, Amer and Ranthambore were built. These forts not only had huge stone walls but also beautiful temples were built inside these forts. The artists building these temples were expert in their skills and made beautiful shrines. During that time South Indian artists were invited to Rajasthan to give the stones the perfect design as desired by the rulers. The temple in Ranakpur created by Shoba Dev represents the beautiful stone carvings of Rajasthan.

The stone carving was not only restricted to the forts and palaces but can also be seen in the domes and nauchakis located about 51Km away from Udaipur. Even after the Mughal invasion the art of stone carving received a new look. The Rajputs employed Muslim masons who combined the Rajput and Muslim styles of art and architecture to give a new dimension to stone carving.


The process of stone carving is quite a tedious process and requires a lot of precision and hard work. Different types of stones need different tools for carving. Some of the basic tools for carving stone include mallets, toothed hammers, axes, chisels, etc.

First the stone is cut into the apt size and then the desired shape is marked on the stone. Next with the help of the different tools the artists starts carving the stone. Stone carving is a time taking process and can carving a small piece can take a number of days. Carving bigger pieces can take weeks or months.

Stone Jewellery

The garnet stone jewellery is original to Rajasthan. Other beautiful stones that are carved into jewellery include Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Topaz, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, etc. From anklets to bracelets, necklaces and earrings almost every type of jewellery can be made from stones. These stones are available in different colours and can be given various shapes. These stones are moulded into different metals that can be used for adorning.

The garnet work of Jaipur is quite famous. The rock-crystal is made into beads and necklaces. These jewellery pieces are embedded in materials with a lot of care and precision. There are also various types of pendants and earrings that can be carved from different types of semi-precious stones. Stone jewellery is available for men as well as women and looks very elegant and classic. Stone jewellery can be used to adorn any type of attire and suits all types of occasions.

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