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Lacquer And Filigree Work

Lacquer and Filigree Work is among the most beautiful art works of Rajasthan. The Lacquer and Filigree Work of Rajasthan in the form of Lac jewellery and bangles is popular across India. Filigree is a delicate jewellery work which involves metalwork usually made from gold or silver. Rajasthan is known for filigree work done on silver. This work requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Filigree work from Rajasthan is exported to various countries across the world especially in Europe and Middle East.

The craftsmen of Rajasthan have exceptional skills in engraving and ornamenting gold and silver. The filigree silver cut work is particularly famous. The Jaipuri artists are experts in meal engravings. Lacquered and engraving along with filigree work is featured in various items such as boxes, hanging lamps, lamp stands, plates, picture frames, etc. The use of lac and other materials such as semi-precious stones increases the beauty of filigree work.

Lacquered and filigree work is also appreciated in the form of jewellery. There are several workshops in Jaipur and Jodhpur that specialize in this art. Such pieces of jewellery are exported to various parts of the world and are appreciated by one and all. Lac is also solely used for crafting jewellery but when used with metal enhances the beauty and aesthetic appearance. Such jewellery pieces are available for men as well as women and offer an elegant touch.


Rajasthan being the land of brave hearts has always used metal for protection and for other uses. Filigree work has been in Rajasthan since the historic ages. The work requires artists to perform the art with a lot of hard work and accuracy. Since olden times women in Rajasthan have been wearing metal jewellery, which is a tradition in the area. Till date tribal women can be seen sporting heavy metal jewellery especially bangles, amulets, anklets, etc.

The art was initially introduced to the area during the 17th and 18th centuries. The art was imported from Persia and the trade good a boost after World War II. The introduction of lac work and combination of lac and metal gave rise to a beautiful form of jewellery designing which was accepted and prized throughout. Over the years the art has transformed and today lacquered and filigree work has crossed various borders to reach the masses.


Traditional Lacquer and Filigree work requires a lot of hard work and accuracy. This work is carried out with the help of different techniques such as hammering, chasing and embossing. In Jaipur the filigree work is done in three styles namely Marori work, Chikan work and Bichi work. The Marori work involves small lacquered designs over the entire surface. Chikan work involved floral ornamentation over a lacquered base. Bichi work features an elegant pattern of leaves and flowers over a lacquered background.

The typical filigree work is crafted with the help of silver wires. These wires are bent in different shapes to give rise to different shapes and forms. The art of filigree is used for designing trays, boxes, vases, purses, tumblers, plates, etc. The filigree work is decorated with lac, mirror work or semi-precious stones to give rise to beautiful decorative pieces and jewellery items.

Lacquer and Filigree Work Jewellery

Lacquer and Filigree work jewellery is famous throughout India and work. These pieces of jewellery are quite colourful and vibrant. Jaipur and Jodhpur have the best centres for lacquer and filigree designing. Filigree work is as it is quite beautiful but when lacquered it becomes more beautiful and vibrant. Whether traditional or contemporary these jewellery pieces can be worn on any type of attire. The filigree work gives strength to lac and makes it suitable for all occasions.

Lacquered work on filigree pieces can be compared to the process of enamelling. Different types of patterns can be designed on the filigree with the help of lac. Moreover the jewellery piece can be given any colour. The lacquered and filigree work has become famous throughout. Especially bangles, earrings and necklaces are worn on various occasions to match attire. Various motifs and carvings can be done on lac and it is often decorated with mirror work and painting. Jaipur is the largest city for manufacturing of lacquered and filigree jewellery. The artists’ at these workshops work hard to provide the best pieces of jewellery.

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