It is a fact that India is famous throughout the world. But do you know what makes it so famous? Well, it is its esthetic culture, civilization and its variety in seasons which makes it so. While talking about India, we cannot avoid the genuine fact that Indian women, no matter where they go, look beautiful, graceful and charming.

India is a huge country and Gujarat is one of a leading state in it. the magnificent art and crafts of Gujarat like Calico prints by Chhipas and Bhavsars, Patola weaving by Salvis, Brocade and Jari weaving by Khatris, Copper-smithy by Kansaras, Pottery by Kumbhars, Carpentry by Suthars, Black-smithy by Luhars, Gold-smithy by Sonis and Leather work by Mochas etc, depicts the enriched heritage culture of Gujarat since centuries.

India is a country of variety. Different states/regions have their personal touch in everything they do. Especially, if we talk about outfits, dresses etc. then how can we forget the graceful and elegant saris of these different states? Like other states, Gujarat too is known for its different types of saris especially the Gujarat Brocade saris which are easily available and highly esteemed throughout the region. If you are a shopping lover or a shopaholic, then what are you waiting for? Just go for these adorable Brocade saris.


The brocades of Gujarat have always been scene-stealers since centuries. The typical and classy zari blended with glossy and bright colors of silk adds life to all festivals and ceremonies. Moreover, these brocades leave no chance to make the occasion happening and memorable. The opulent woven brocade saris, tastefully adorned chaniya-cholis and other garments make every occasion delightful and perfect.

Gujarat is popular as chief center. The weavers in Gujarat adopt splendid architecture to swank dexterity and originative sensibility of the artisans of the state. Beautiful floral borders, zalis or trellises and multifarious geometrical motifs of the historical structures are finely woven with zari on silk surfaces. These colorful and dynamic patterns attract every heart.

The variety of rich and lavish colors applied and contrasted, make brocades visually tempting and appealing. Colors like Red, yellow, blue, green, ochre, brown in various shades and tones mixed in blazing gold and silver make brocades payable items and the most popular festive textiles too.

Traditional Trivia

In India, Brocades are popular as a part of textile traditions since centuries. The history of Gujarat provides evidence that there existed booming brocade industry and workshops in Bharuch, Cambay and Ahmedabad. The main weaving centers for these saris were Ahmedabad, Surat, Bharuch, Patan and Vadodara. It is worth mentioning that all these have their different specific styles. Other than this, the history also reveals that the beautiful intricate borders and pallus of Ashavali, woven by master craftsmen, existed even before the advent of Ahmed Shah. Moreover, with the emergence of Islam geometrical patterns and motifs from the Indo-Sarcenic architecture, the weavers started incorporating them into the design palette along with patterns of animals and birds.

The work of design detailing and the ideas of colors and motifs are a result of external influences. The Mughal court and Persia resulted in heavier and enriched types of brocade. Some of these graced the Jharokhas at Fatehpur Sikri. The Oxus, which was an ancient trading partner, gave suggestions of designs to Gujarati craftsmen. As a result of it, Brocaded sashes and angarakshaks were modified. Other than the art of brocade, Saris, accessories and clothing were also depicted with vivid flowering and patronage in religion. The actions of Krishna and Gopis were also remained popular among all. The Western women wore these Durga Pooja Saris with pride, delight and feminine grace.

Availability and Features

The Gujarati Brocade saris are engraved with images of spring flowers, stems outlined by fine dark lines, colorful birds, dancing diagrams etc. The work by colorful threads with golden background presents a royal touch. It is the technique of Gujarati brocade work and its excellent designs which give them a different identity. These old brocades are woven into the field in the warp direction instead of the weft which makes it different from other types of saris. Moreover, elaborating woven silken patterns and designs are embedded into the gold surface. This work is done with the usage of a huge variation of colours and it is known as ‘meenakari’.

Though this Gujarati Brocade sari attracts everybody, yet the ones who are into the work of saris themselves consider it very refined and phenomenal. Well the best part of this sari is that you can purchase it from anywhere and anytime through internet. The websites are flooded with variety of choice, colors and designs in this particular sari form. So, what are you thinking about? Just go ahead and buy for you these attractive and festive saris. If there is a birthday or special occasion of your dear one, this is a best thing to give her and make her feel loved and precious.

You can also purchase it from the main centers like Ahmedabad and Surat. Here saris of the finest silk, gauze and gold with lively color schemes are woven. In Bengal, Murshidabad was a reputed centre for kimkhab during the 19th century. Moreover, Brocade is also manufactured in the centers of Paithan and Aurangabad.

Brocade Weaving of Gujarat

Its distinctive style and Brocade’s esthetic images has raised its standard very high throughout the nation. Lustrous, glossy, bright colors and dynamic, classy, traditional designs used by the manufacturers have been fascinating customers from beyond the boundaries. The traditional patterns which make the Brocade saris more attractive are floral sprays, mango as a motif, stylized shrubs and a circular coin which is known as an asharfi.

It’s worth mentioning here that Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Surat are the main Brocade weaving centers in the nation.

Community Involved

The community involved in this craft form is Wankar and Maheshwari.

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