Gujarat is famous for its sarees. Especially the town of Surat is a hub for a variety of textiles. There are umpteen wholesale markets here selling exquisite sarees and other materials. Retailers from all over the country visit this place and purchase in bulk quantities and then sell it off at higher rates at their respective areas. There is a special respect that sarees from Gujarat command, simply because of their richness, texture, durability and value for money. While talking about Gujarat sarees, it only makes sense to talk about the Tanchoi Silk Sarees that are manufactured here.

These sarees are the ones that women prefer to wear it on their weddings because of the quality of silk used here and the techniques of thread work that is employed in these. The weaving system used in the Tanchoi sarees was brought to India from China. Three brothers, famously known as Choi brothers brought this tradition of weaving into India and slowly started improvising on the same. These sarees originally had Chinese pattern of artwork on the silk material. However, sensing a huge market for these sarees in India, these brothers then incorporated some of the beautiful Indian styles as well into these sarees, which led these sarees to be a huge hit that they are today.

Though the silk used for Tanchoi Sarees are quite heavy and rich, the colours used are mostly sober and subtle, making it an excellent combination. These sarees are embodiments of richness and elegance as the weaving of these sarees makes use of many threads made of silk. The workmanship on these sarees is excellent and it catches even the harshest critic’s eye. Sometimes, the threads are woven in a very close knit fashion giving the sarees an embroidered look. When this kind of thread work is employed, it adds more richness to the sarees, and that is why these are one of the most widely worn models during weddings or other festivals or important occasions.

The exquisite heavy silk, intricate thread work used on these sarees, the subtle colours and the rich fabric make the Tanchoi sarees a hot favourite among women, not only from Gujarat, but other parts of the country. These Tanchoi sarees are exported to foreign countries as well, given the increasing Gujarati population that have migrated and settled down in various countries. Of all the sarees that are manufactured in the textile town of Surat, the Tanchoi silk sarees are one of the most traditional and one of the fast moving sarees. Though they are priced at a higher range, they offer full value of money as these sarees are highly durable as only high quality threads and fabric are used for weaving these sarees. What started off as a humble Chinese weaving pattern introduced to India by the brothers to make a living, has now penetrated deeply all over the world and revolutionised the industry of weaving silk sarees. They are universally preferred by women, because it is extremely impossible not to like these sarees that are such a perfect blend of richness and simplicity in their own ways.

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