Culture in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat in India is known for its rich culture. The additional effect of modernization which led to vast growth of Gujarat as an industrial hotspot attracts investor from all over the world. However modernization does not seem to whither the cultural ethics and beliefs of Gujarat and is considered as an integral part of the system. Rather it inculcates the rapid urbanization keeping cultural aesthetics in place.


The culture of Gujarat which dates back to the early age is still prevalent in the society amid the rapid progress of Globalization.

The ‘Gujaratis’ – a common term used to denote people from Gujarat are very much warm and friendly in nature. Famous for their traditional dresses which emanates color and joy indicates the nature of a Gujarati. Owing to the long tradition of rich culture which dates back early in civilization, the state of Gujarat is famous for architectural presence that even draws a large number of tourist every year.

The diverse ethnographical foundation that constitutes the Gujarati population has added more to the cultural diversity. The Indic and Dravidian ethnic groups once travelled to this state have made their permanent establishment. Bhatia, Nagar Brahman, Rabari, Bhadela, and Mina castes are from the Indic group, while tribal societies which stemmed from Dravidian race are Bhangi, Naikda, Dubla, Kloi and Macchi-Kharwa. Apart from this, the presence of Bhil tribe shows mixed characteristics derived from both the races.

In Gujarat, Arts is an expression: The history of art in Gujarat dates back to very early age. It is also the home to some of the famous painters that we boast for. Painting with canvas and traditional art deco producing minimal and aesthetic art prevails in Gujarat, although there has been a potent shift of medium with the age of modernization. It is digital photography that also marked its character in the recent times and the some artists have just changed the medium, but the objective to pursue art in a pure form still prevails.

In Gujarat, Music is speech of angels : The rich tradition of folk music and dance still carries a prominent role in the society. One of them, the Garba dance carries the didactic sense as it is performed to pay obeisance to the Lord. The traditional music came from the early ages and still continues to be a part of the culture, albeit there have been some changes in the style as they have incorporated the modern dancing pattern. Gujarat not only manifests only in dance and classical music; it is also the home of various folk instruments. The new western influenced culture has also influenced the younger masses of the society but that still does not eradicate the sentiment behind the traditional dance and musical pattern.

In Gujarat Crafts is an exclusive talent : The handicrafts of a civilization depict clearly the cultural genres and values that once prevailed in the society. Similarly looking at the varied pattern of exquisite artifacts, it clearly depicts the cultural movement of Gujarat that once prevailed in the society. The handicrafts are always a lookout for travelers as they pick up souvenirs upon visit to a location. The handicraft of Gujarat is famous for its beauty and elegance and has earned a global popularity.

In Gujarat, Traditions speak : Tradition is an essential flow to determine ethnographies of a civilization. With the vast expanse of cultural diversity and moreover solidified with the rich historical evidence, Gujarat has acquired and carried their own traditions which is clearly marked among the people and their daily activities. Occasional fairs and festivals establish the foundation of theology. The lifestyle and cuisine which are two determinate factors to understand a pattern can be seen overall. Though there is positive progress in urbanization, but that does not bury the traditional pattern.

Literary inclination of Gujarat : The literary excellence of Gujarat can be traced back from the then Sultanate regime. The literature stands as a varied mixture of the classical and contemporary genres like Prose, Poetry, Biography and Autobiography, fiction and non-fiction, and religious books. Gujarat has produced various eminent scholars and it still continues to do so. The books are generally written in English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. 

Enculturation and Culture : The effect of enculturation is clearly visible among the people and the existing tradition of Gujarat. The process of enculturation has enabled people to unify with a common source of experience and influence of cultural traditions and lifestyle. Some gestures like joining hands to greet (Namaskar) or bow down to pacify respect are a part of the system. The influence of social system of learning, religious practices and artistic values have defined a balanced and methodical approach among the people of Gujarat.

In Gujarat, Lifestyles sustain : The term ‘heaven on earth’ aptly suits to Gujarat. It is one of the most sought after location for travelers from all over the world.  It is the land of legends where people share commonality of mind, body and soul. Moreover the people of Gujarat are very much cooperative, supportive and even enterprising. Their generous and loyal nature marks significance to the culture and its existence.

To sum up, Gujarat entails all the aspects of Arts, Culture and Lifestyle, Music and Dance, Handicrafts, Literature, Festivals and Fairs.

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