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Rajasthan is a colorful and vibrant state. It has several attractions like palaces, historical sites, forts, desert safari and many more that keeps visitors hooked. Tourists come here in large numbers and try to visit as many places as possible making the most of their brief stay. There are several options available for holidaymakers. They can either go for a desert safari or visit a majestic fort. They can also choose to stay in desert camps. Visit to Rajasthan is perfect for gaining an exhilarating experience. Within 100 kms of Rajasthan, there are many weekend getaways.

Rajasthan is bordered by Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab. Today, this state occupies a position of being one of the most visited places in Northern India. Tourists find a variety of attractions like National Parks, Tiger Reserves, Pilgrimage sites, Architectural edifices and many more. Many of the monuments found in this state have been built by Mughals and Rajputs. On weekends, tourists can club one or more destinations nearby and enjoy a relaxing vacation. The neighbouring states also welcome you with their share of attractions like health resorts, scenic locales, picnic spots and valleys. There are several alternatives as weekend getaways for the visitors coming to Rajasthan. Close to Jaipur or Udaipur, there are many heritage resorts where tourists can enjoy a royal stay. They can also go for jungle safaris.

Camel Safaris can also be enjoyed by the tourists who are coming to cities like Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Pushkar. Rajasthan is quite close to Agra and Delhi, and as such, it is very convenient for the tourists to enjoy cultural, historical and religious attractions available in these cities.

Some of the Weekend Getaways are:

Delhi, Delhi- 435 KM

Originally referred to as Indraprastha, Delhi was the famous capital of Pandavas, the princes of Hastinapur. This city is replete with impressive cultural heritage and rich historical past. River Yamuna meanders through the city and adds further attraction to this stunning city. Since people from all over the country have made Delhi their home, this city reflects a cosmopolitan culture. As such, it is fascinating to see diverse religions, cultures and traditions coexisting peacefully.

The changing face of modern Indian Society is clearly reflected in Delhi. Here, one can see an eclectic blend of modernity with the rich and glorious past. This city offers a wide range of attractions like architectural marvels, religious places, picnic spots and many more. Visitors love to enjoy the unique feel of this city.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 619 KM

Located in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the seventh largest city of the country. Radical development has been witnessed by this city owing to the fast pace development in the textile industry. This is the reason it is fondly referred to as “Manchester of the East”. This colourful and vibrant city has been recognized all over India for its unique culture and traditions. This city has become a preferred tourist destination due to many inspiring and excellent places spread around the town. Tourists come to this city in large numbers.

Humid and hot climate is experienced by this city and during the summer season, temperature escalates to 45 degrees. During the winter season, the temperature falls as low as five degrees. Frequent rainfall enhances humidity thereby making the environment sultry and wet. Starting from October till March is the best time to visit this vivacious city. Architectural splendors are the major attractions offered by this city.

Surat, Gujarat - 867 KM

Earlier known as Suryapur, Surat is another popular city located in Gujarat. Located about 306 km away from the state capital, Gandhinagar, this city is flanked by River Tapi or Tapti. After Ahmedabad, Surat is the largest city in Gujarat. It is just like going down a memory lane when visiting this city as old section of this destination still offers beautiful houses, narrow streets and temples here and there. Just like Ahmedabad is considered to be a textile city, Surat is known as diamond city owing to its flourishing diamond business. Diamond cutting and polishing is done at a large scale.

Chandigarh, Punjab – 560 KM

Chandigarh, one of the most planned cities in India is nestled amidst the Shivalik range. Beautifully landscaped gardens and elegant structures attract a large number of tourists. Chandigarh is the administrative capital of both Haryana and Punjab. Some well known persons are responsible for creating this sophisticated township where earlier only farming fields could be seen. Their hard work, team spirit, and skill have resulted in this modern city we see today. Le Corbusier, the famous architect, is known for his contribution in the development of this city.

Brilliant planning is reflected in various aspects of this city. It is divided into forty-seven sectors, and all of them are well connected through well-knit roads. Every sector is characterized by busy markets and shopping malls. Parks and gardens are set out beautifully. Concourses and roads are well planned and defined. Beautiful buildings have been erected. All these attractions enhance the popularity of this destination.

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh – 551 KM

Ujjain is a famous religious destination. Located on the banks of Shipra River, this city is a part of Madhya Pradesh. Since erstwhile times, this city is known for its religious connotations. This city also find mention in ancient scriptures and has been given equal status just like other religious cities. It was mentioned as Avantika in religious texts, but later on, the name was changed to Ujjayini. The name means “the glorious conqueror”.

For more than 2000 years, this city has occupied a prominent position in India for its religious and spiritual activities. As mythology goes, during “Samudra Manthan”, one drop of nectar fell on Ujjain thereby making it a sacred place. In Vedas too, Ujjain finds mention. Also, people believe that Skanda Purana’s two parts were composed in this majestic city.

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