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Medical Tourism In Gujarat

Medical tourism has emerged as the most promising and fast growing sector in Gujarat. The most prominent city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has earned the unique distinction of being the most prominent place for medical treatments and medical tour in the country. The world class facilities, super specialty hospitals, excellent doctors, affordable price and other infrastructures have made this place one of the most preferred medical tour destinations of the world. The highlight of the medical facilities is the 108 Service with the slogan ‘Medical at doorstep’.

The patients can have the dual advantage of getting the treatment and excellent tourism in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat has excellent tourist destinations and abundant scope for entertainment and fun.

Medical Tourism Policy in Gujarat

The medical tourism policy of the Gujarat government was released in December-2006 through a press release by the information department. The policy stated that the government is committed to provide world class facilities to the visiting medical tourists. The government plans to implement the policy in true sense and spirit to make Gujarat the most favored destination for people seeking medical treatments across the world. The statistics available with the government claims a growth of 33 percent medical tourists as against the 20 percent growth in the country.

The government aims at bringing a favorable atmosphere for the medical tourist, the medical agencies, hospitals and the staff. The government is also committed to develop a medicity in Gujarat. The policy aims at developing international standards of treatment facilities in the state. The other aspects of the policy include safe and convenient travelling of the patients in the most affordable manner.

The government is also tying up with various insurance companies that would enormously benefit the foreign medical tourists. Several new packages are planned to be launched by the insurance companies to cater for the needs of patients of different diseases.  The policy brings about a visualization to provide excellent facilities and encourage public participation to enhance the condition of medical industry. Quality assurance and hospital accreditation are also planned to make the hospitals at par with many of the international hospitals.

Medical Facilities in Gujarat

Most sought-after Super-Specialties: Cardiology, Neuro-Surgery, Infertility treatment, Orthopedics, Eye Surgery, Dental treatment and Cosmetic Surgery

  • Gujarat has a full-fledged chain of hospitals at district and sub-district levels. The facilities available at these hospitals are very cost effective. There are also many super specialty hospitals with hi-tech facilities.
  • The most modern hi-tech hospitals provide excellent facilities for cardiology, neuro-surgery, orthopedics,   infertility treatment and eye surgery.
  • Treatments in the field of dentistry and cosmetic surgery are also offered to foreign patients.
  • The medical hospital hub of the Gujarat state is concentrated in Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat.
  • There are government hospitals taking care of the treatment of cases of mentally retarded, TB, leprosy and ENT.
  • Some of the traditional hospitals like Unani, ayurveda and nature cure are also available.
  • Ahmedabad houses one of the finest super-specialty hospitals.
  • The government has signed Memorandum-of-understanding with the private hospitals to provide excellent health care facilities.

The government is carrying out a combination of medical facilities like encouraging super specialty hospitals, upgrading the condition of government hospitals, providing cashless service, mediclaim facilities, and appointment of well trained and professional staffs. All these have contributed to conversion of Gujarat as a medical tourism hub.

However, the availability of the excellent medical facilities for a very nominal price has not helped to bring down the gaps between the economical classes and some of the facilities till remain unreachable for the common man.

Branches of Medical Science Involved

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Allied Branches
  • Alternative Medicine

Ahmedabad - Ideal Destination for Medical Tourism in Gujarat

Ahmedabad is one of the fabulous cities of the country and the state of Gujarat. It is the most prominent medical treatment destination for the people across the country owing to the best medical facilities available in the city. One prominent aspect is that all these world class treatment facilities are available at a very affordable price when compared to many other cities.  This has emerged the city as the favorite medical tour destination. The emergency ambulance service ‘The 108 Service’ is an ambitious project of the state and has won laurels. The strength of the foreigners visiting the state for various treatments is on the rise every year. Ahmedabad has the distinction of housing the biggest civil hospital in Asia.

Ahmedabad was basically a biggest business centre of Gujarat, which is now transforming into a health care providing city for the state. The development of the treatment aids in the city is momentous and it can be attributed to the ambitious "Vibrant Gujarat" project. This project has made the hospitals in Ahmedabad to bring about drastic change in the facilities and medical aids at par with foreign countries.

Reasons which attract Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRGs) to Ahmedabad/India are:

  • Best treatment at affordable price.
  • Excellent technology at par with abroad.
  • Best and understanding doctors.
  • Reliable medical facilities.
  • Attachment with the native place and native language.

The availability of relatives who can take good care post operation has increased the number of NRGs coming for medical treatment. They also believe that many trustworthy doctors are available who thorough professional and finest hospitals are there in Ahmedabad.  Some of the prominent treatment which is sought by the patients is in the field of Eye-surgery, neurology, orthopedics, infertility treatment, dental and Cosmetic Surgery.

There are excellent facilities available for carrying out medical examinations and lab tests. Majority of the hospitals also offer a complete body check-up for NRGs.  The hygiene and neatness levels of the hospitals are exemplary. There is adequate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) available with many of the corporate hospitals. Ahmedabad is fast emerging as a medical care hub. The best technologies, better quality of health care services are attracting more and more NRGs to come up to Ahmedabad. The day is not far when the city would develop into the biggest health care hub of the country.

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