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Business Tourism In Gujarat

Acknowledged as one of the prominent industrialized states in India, Gujarat has many global and Indian companies which have resulted in the growth of double digit GDP in the past few years. Gujarat is also called the Growth Engine of India.

The vibrant Gujarat is known for hosting biennial investors’ summit which is organized by the Gujarat Government. This event is aimed to bring together different corporations, investors, business leaders, thought leaders together with the opinion and policy makers. This summit is promoted as a platform for exploring and understanding the business opportunities in the state. This has become a model for success of economy for most of the states. As per the list of top Ten Indian Cities by GDP in the year 2009, which is based on Price water house Coopers Study, the city Ahmadabad ranks at 7th position in India that has yearly GDP of 59 billion US dollar.

Presently the Gujarat International Finance Tec City is undergoing some construction in Gujarat. This is expected to be located near to the Sabarmati River, which is approximately 12 kms to the north of Ahmadabad while 8 kms from South of Gandhi Nagar, which is also the political capital of this state. It is constructed on 500 acres of land. The main purpose of this Tech City is to render peak quality physical infrastructure, in order to enable the tech and finance firms to relocate their operations there from Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai and other regions where the infrastructure is either expensive or consistent.

Gujarat provides a model of progress and development of the economy for many developing nations. The state highlights a lavish lifestyle of leisure, sports, business, and pleasure. Gujarat denizens also take pleasure of the high standard of living besides have quality life also. Acknowledged as Manchester of Denim and East city, Gujarat’s 6% of entire industrial production comes from the textile industry. Gujarat is the largest producer nearly 35% and exporter nearly 60% of cotton while is the 3rd largest denim producer in whole world. It contributes India’s twelve percent of textile exports.

Gujarat is called the fastest growing sectors which contribute to the economy in the field of Chemical sector. Since the state is well diversified, it has a perfect portfolio of dyes and intermediates, downstream products, petrochemicals and other chemical products. Besides, Gujarat is a hub of pharmaceutical industries which is known as the most cost competitive and developed sectors that has 3245 manufacturing licenses contributing to 22% of India’s export and 42% of India’s pharmaceutical turnover.

The augmentation in Business tourism is the growth driver for the hospitality industry. The various business models of Gujarat prove to be a powerful instrument for changing the mindset of the people. This motivates the developing nations and investors in keeping an eye on Gujarat since it scales on peak on the world map.

Over 60 Industrialists-Investors meet at Vibrant Gujarat, turns Gujarat as Investors’ Paradise

Opening its doors far and wide, Gujarat embraces many MNC companies and foreign investors that wish implementing assorted development schemes. The political will of Gujarat together with business expertise of renowned leaders of Gujarat have helped in shaping the investment friendly policies so as to unleash the capacities of Gujarat.

The theme of Vibrant Gujarat was adopted and the 2 Vibrant Global Investors’ summit was held in the year 2003 and 2005 along with 302 investment proposals for tuning 1, 72, 000 crore – which was due to the influence of snowball effect that is witnessed now days.

In the year 2007, this two day event was attended by assorted businessmen and CEO of Global and Indian corporate world which led to signing of 363 MOU (memorandum of understanding) together with an investment inflow of 102 billion US dollar. These investments are spread all across varied sectors while hold a promise of direct employment generation for nearly 13 lac people. The Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s Summit in the year 2009 touched the golden height through remarkable success rate. The Summit inked nearly 8662 MOU which amounted to 12,000 billion INR thereby generating 25 lac employment opportunities.

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