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Tippani Dance

There are numerous folk dances in India that characteristically symbolize the culture related activities all along with their gritty characteristic. The Tippani folk dance is also a dance form of such mold. In this dance, women laborers those are engage in creation work clout on the ground with lengthy sticks named as ‘Tippani’. This dance form was named after Tippani, utensils with a square wood or iron piece ‘Garbo’ (block) at one finish of a extended stick which was utilize for striking and critical lime into the charity of a floor or house under edifice in older period. They use a cadenced musical procedure to flee from the workload that is occupied in their chore. This dance is one of the patterns of the virile dance types of the folk dance in Gujarat. Tippani Dance is a dance form of the manual worker who splurges their living by flouting stones or echelon the ground to crack the tedium of the work. Each woman asset a Tippani would boogie in two rows conflicting to each other with the accessory of a folk song. Normally, associates of the “Halli” community execute this vigorous dance form.

The dance starts gradually, through the Beating and singing of the earth done in the identical rhythm. As the rapidity speed up, the dancers alternately strike the ground and hit the knob of the mallets collectively, and then commence body activities, usually circuitous and increasing themselves. Towards the ending of the dance, all the women set in rows and smack the floor very swiftly. An exclusive feature of dance is the dynamic quickness and cadenced pulse of footsteps and Tippani striding.  It is normally execute on festivals such as Holi or Diwali and on the diverse observance like wedding.


Tippani Dance derived from the chorwad district Gujarat. Women from seashore option of Chorwad utilize to strike the floor with comprehensive sticks, and chant in a scrupulous alacrity, while others dance in whirling of skirts. With simple device like a `Turi` and a `Thali` i.e. brass plate the dancers produce the music. Normally, members of the Halli society perform this vigorous dance form. The long deficiency of their men from them while being at sea attached with the boredom of the chore of creation the ground and ceilings of the house, making the women croon and dance with their Tippani to the pace of the trampling to scrap the monotony of their life.

Costumes and Music

The costumes and the apparatus utilize for this folk dance are also representative and customary. Folk costumes for the dance frequently consist of a short coat well known as “Kedia” with tight sleeves having overstated shoulders and borders, tight trousers such as the Churidars and vibrantly overstated caps or decorated turbans and a decorated waist band. Dhol, Marinara and Shehnai are the main musical gadget used to manage the cadence and pace of the arrangements. They enlighten their toil throughout this rhythmic melodic procedure. Every woman would contain a Tippani moreover would dance in two rows reverse to each other along with would sing. It truthfully adjoins to the rich ethnicity of this element of India!

Popularity Outside India

Tippani Folk dance has achieved esteem in the contemporary period. This Tippani dance has been well-known in all the Guajarati’s living all around the world as this dance formed have been performed on numerous festivals and wedding‘s. This period shows are gaining recognition all over globe; newly Asian American Society Virginia is presented this admired dance of Gujarat.

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