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Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda

Land of complete and all-round entertainment, Ajwa Water Park in Gujarat offers refreshing vacation options. With 20 varied technologically advanced slides and a 60 feet high sliding tower, this premium water park is a haven for aquatic fun. On offering are a staggering variety of slides: up-down slides, pendulum slides, dark hole slides, space ball slides, family slides, elepant slides, and tube slides, to name a few. Within each category, there are further variants designed to suit both kids and adults. While the kids enjoy the slides, parents also have the option to spend a serene couple of hours boating, on the lazy river, or on the lush green landscaped gardens. Kids too can enjoy these offerings along with a multi-play system and rain dance. The Ajwa Water Park is a great destination for a family outing.

Rides and Attractions in Fun World Ajwa

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Rajkot is very well connected through roads and rails to other parts of the country. Regular flights are also available from almost all major cities.

By Train

Frequent trains from Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mubai, Kochi, Coimbatore, ad Bhopal are easily available and ply at regular scheduled timings. Train fares are also very affordable with an average fare from Mumbai or Pune to Rajkot being under INR 300 for sleeper class and well around INR 1700 for an AC first class seat.

By Air

Rajkot has a domestic airport and from here, flights go out to all major cities in the country. For international flights, Ahmedabad is the closest option. For better variety and frequency of flight, Mumbai is the perfect connecting airport. Rajkot airport is also accessible from Kandala. Airfare from Mumbai is fairly cheap as far as airfare is concerned: somewhere in the bracket of INR 2-3k.

By Bus

Rajkot is well-connected by roads. State transport buses play from all nearby cities and options are available for private buses as well. The cities of Mount Abu, Udaipur, Una, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Bhuj are ar easily accessible for buses. Longer distance buses ply from Ahmedabad and the average bus fare is INR 300.

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Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda
Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda
Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda
Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda
Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda
Gujarat Funworld Ajwa Baroda

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