Entertainments In Gujarat

What Gujarat Offers in Form of Entertainment

A tour of Gujarat is not only about picturesque views, stunning landscapes, seemingly endless stretches of coastlines and places of historic relevance. Gujarat also offers tourists high value entertainment in various forms. Even a short trip to this state can be highly rejuvenating and provide you with an enriching experience.

Gujarat Arts and Crafts

For those who are enthusiastic about arts and crafts, there is no place better than Gujarat. Here, art is a form of expression for both traditional craftsmen and students of various art forms. Handicrafts of Gujarat are famous all over the world for their unique designs and forms. You can spend hours of entertaining hours looking at the marvelous techniques employed by traditional exponents of various art forms which include fine art work, intricate design patterns and mirror work which have a global appeal.

Gujarati Music and Dance

The music of Gujarat is truly unique as it blends the rich tradition of the state with its unique style of singing. Who does not know about Garba dance which is performed with high energy and gusto by both males and females during the Navratri season. The classical music too offers a wide array of choices. The folk music of Gujarat is simply matchless in its rendition and style.

Gujarat is fast catching up on the modern form of music with the later day musicians experimenting new age music by fusion of folk with pop with a stunning degree of success.

Puppetry – A Form of Storytelling

One of the most popular forms of entertainment that’s truly unique to Gujarat is puppetry – a brilliant form of storytelling. It is quite common to find puppet shows in Gujarat. The puppets are dressed and decorated in colorful dresses. Their looks are personalized by fine detailing.

Men puppet dolls are dressed up with long turbans tucked in, traditional style shoes, finely designed kediyas which are typical Gujarati shirts. Women puppet dolls are dressed in brilliantly colored skirts which include intricate needlework. Puppet shows are organized on special occasions such as festivals, important events in a household or at weddings.

Heritage Walk - A Unique Form of Entertainment

The Heritage Walk organized by the Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad is a great way to explore one of the most popular cities of Gujarat. The walk starts early in the day from the famous Swaminarayan Mandir situated in Kalupur and takes you through to Kavi Dalpatram Chowk, a famous poet of the state. The walk resumes through small clusters of homes, large havelis, and some of the iconic places in Ahmedabad such as the burial ground for royal ladies, Jama Masjid, the popular heritage hotel of Mangaldas and others.

Entertainment for Lovers of Wild Life and Nature

Gujarat is the dream destination for those who love nature and wild life and the state does not disappoint you even a wee bit on this front. The thick grasslands, deciduous forests and wetland habitats act as a natural home for some of the rare species of wild life. The Gir Wild Life Reserve attracts both domestic and international tourists in large numbers throughout the year.


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