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Mount Abu Gateway To Chilling Rajasthan

The district Sirohi of western Indian state of Rajasthan is adjacent to the border of Gujarat state. This district has a famous hill station Mount Abu in mountainous Arawali range. There is a separate rocky flat terrain in Arawali Mountains which is 9km wide and 22km long. Guru Shikhar is the uppermost crest at 1,725m height over sea level. It is also known as ‘an oasis of desert’ because this terrain houses evergreen forests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

Shielding the things by holding them big is always easy; be it pleasant weather or a thrilling candy. The cozy weather can easily be experienced at Mount Abu. Rajasthan with its rustic canvas has Mount Abu as the only hill station cushioned with green grass and fertile forested Aravali hills. Mount Abu is an admired and favorable destination for the people of plains of Gujarat and Rajasthan in hot season. The road going to Mount Abu moves timidly in curves similar to that of a resting baby and climbing with the way tightly like an enclosure formed by breast and arms of a mother. This road is trimmed out from the big rocks in bizarre shape which shawl the road from high speed winds. One can find dreamy honeymooners in Mount Abu who want to curtail each inches of wide difference of feelings into millimeters. Possibly, this is somewhere linked with a flirtatious lake in the middle of the town or the several aphrodisiac bends beside the Aravali Ridge where you can grasp hands and observe how the ruby red flirts with azure before merging in the horizon at the time of sunset.

Climate of Mount Abu

Season of summer is predominant from April mid to June mid and the maximum average temperature remains nearly 35°C. It is advisable to the visitors to bring the light cotton garments. Cotton clothes are most suited for Mount Abu summer.

Monsoon season has good rains due to the geographical conditions of Mount Abu and temperature also falls down during the rainy season. Visitors should carry an umbrella to shelter them from rains and the summer dresses will serve the dressing purpose.

Winter season is cool here with a temperature range from 15°C to 22 °C. The night temperature generally remains around 4°Cto13°C and atmosphere is chilly. In some rare cases temperatures even drop as low as -3°C. Serious winter clothing’s like outsiders and long coats are advisable to wear but light pullovers will be sufficient in day time.

Attraction of Mount Abu

The Legend of Hills

Mount Abu is a heaven from the ancient time and many sages and saints visited this place according to their time. Legends are that all the Goddesses and Gods of the Hindu myths, numbering 330millions, visited this sacred hill. Mount Abu is the place where the learned saint Vashishth undertaken a Yagna (sacrificial fire pit worship) to produce four clans of fire (Agnikula) to defend the world from Parasuram, who is regarded as the Lord Vishnu’s  6thincarnation. Parasuram took the revenge of his father’s death by wiping out the warrior caste21times. The mythological place, where the yagna was performed, is supposed near a natural water spring coming out from a rock like cow’s head shape.

The other legend associated with Mount Abu is that once the cow Nandini of sage Vashishth fell down in lake. Sage Vashishtha requested Lord Shiva for assistance. The youngest child of Himalaya, the mountain king, was then sent by Lord Shiva to save the cow Nandini. Arbud, the divinely Cobra, assisted the youngest son of Himalaya by bringing a big rock on the top of his hood. The place where Arbud dropped that rock was named as Mount Arbud and later on changed to Mount Abu, the famous and only hill station of Rajasthan state.

Famous Attractions of Mount Abu

Mount Abu has lots of tourist destinations within ranging from serene natural beauties to architectural and historical places. The Jain temples of Dilwara are temple complex, carved out of white marbles and was built between periods of 11thand 13thcenturies AD.

The famous Mewar’s Rana Kumbha built the historical Achalgarh fort, in 14thcentury. This fort encloses many beautiful and famous temples like Kantinath Temple built in1513AD and Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple built in1412AD.

The Nakki Lake situated in the heart of Mount Abu city is another popular attraction for visitors and is decorated with a toad like rock close to the Lake on a hill. Temple of Lord Raghunath and palace of Maharaja of Jaipur are also located near the Lake on hills.

Several other Hindu temples are also located in mountain area including the Temple of Adhar Devi, carved out from one solid rock; the Temple of Shri Raghunathji and Temple/ shrine of lord Dattatreya located at the top of the peak of Guru Shikhar. The world headquarter of lady renunciation order of Brahma Kumari is also stationed here along with the Brahma Kumari’s World Spiritual University. There is a belief that top of Mount Abu has the foot prints of Lord Vishnu. Temple of Ambika Mata and Temple of Durga Mata are located in a gap of jagat rocks very close to Mount Abu.

Fairs and Festivals in Mount Abu

The festival of summer is celebrated in the June (aashadh) month every year. The calm lakes, steep rocks, lovely climates and scenic locations of Mount Abu present an ideal location for the festivals.

The summer festival of three days is a feast and an amalgamation of the tribal life and culture and classical and folk music of the Rajasthan state. The festival is started first of all with ballad singing which is then followed by Dhap, Ghoomer and Gair folk dances to celebrate and mesmerize the audiences. Sporting measures are also under taken by the authorities like the Nakki Lake’s boating race and other traditional sports adding to the variety of the festival.

The Shame-e-Qawwali is much expected musical extravaganza because of the gathering and performances of well-known qawwals from every corner of the country to entertain the audiences in style. The festival’s finale is grandly celebrated with pomp and show by cracking the incredible fireworks which enhances the overall glee of tourists.

Shopping in Mount Abu

The famous hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu has little but beautiful shops near Nakki Lake for tourists to see old and junk art pieces flogging on the trader’s table. This beautiful city comes alive in evening time because of wandering of tourists with their loving partner in a leisurely way. The visitors can also select and purchase the extraordinary collection of Jain arts like stone sculptures of Tirthankars, bells and other fabrics with local designs. Nakki Lake area also has small restaurants and pancakes here can be a worth trial for food lovers to experience the amazing taste. Tourists while sitting by the Lake side can also enjoy the taste of some of the good local delicacies during their visit of Mount Abu.

Accommodation in Mount Abu

Tourism in Mount Abu

The lone hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is situated at an altitude of about1250m and has been a desired shelter from the heat of Gujarat and Rajasthan for centuries. Government had also established a wildlife sanctuary here in 1960which covers roughly area of mountain.

This mountainous terrain also has many Hindu temples like Aadhar Devi/ Arbuda Devi temple beautifully carved out of a single solid rock; Temple and shrine of Lord Dattatreya, atop the crest of Guru Shikhar; Temple of Shri Raghunathji, Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple and jain temples including temple complex of Dilwara prepared out of white marble in between the AD centuries of 11thto 13th. The Temple of Vimal Vasahi built by Vimal Shah in1021AD is the oldest which was dedicated to first Jain Tirthankar including the Kantinath temple. Brahm kumaris and their university also have head-quarters here.

Rana Kumbha had built the Achalgarh fort in 14thcentury which is nearby located and a popular attraction for the visitors of Nakki Lake. A toad like rock also beautifies the hill rock close to the lake.

Ambika Mata and Durga Mata temples are located very close to Mount Abu in a gap of jagat rocks.

How to Reach Mount Abu

By Rail

Abu road is the nearby railway head which is situated at23km distance from Mount Abu on the chief line between Mumbai and Delhi. This station is suitably connected to almost every railway stations through Swarna  Rajdhani Express from Delhi and Surya Nagari Express from Mumbai.

By Air

Dabok airport of Udaipur is the nearest airport to reach Mount Abu which is located at a distance of about 220km. This airport is well connected to all important airports of India like Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi.  Taxi Transport is available for Mount Abu from the airport with a fare of about Rs.2,000.

By Road

The Luxury buses for Tourists are also available to Mount Abu from Delhi (720km), Jaipur (480km), Jaisalmer (625km) and Udaipur (190km).  The plying frequency of these buses may be twice a week or even every day with per seat tariff ranging from Rs. 3to Rs.5/km. The state bus services also link Moun Abu to other cities.

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