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Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar Lake, an artificial lake, is located in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. It was constructed in 1135-2250 AD by Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s grandfather Anaji Chauhan and derives its name from his name. The local people help in the construction of the  catchment. In 1637, Shahjahan built the Baradari and Jehangir built the Daulat Bagh Gardens. The lake stretches to 13 km. On a hill nearby is the Circuit House that served as British Residency. In the center of the Lake is an island that can be reached via water scooter and boat. Daulat Bagh's east side can be approached to hire the water scooters and boats. Every summer the lake dries up. In the Lake basin's catchment areas, it is not permitted to do any construction work as per the Rajasthan High Court's order. This lake is among the beautiful Lakes of India.

Travellers are well versed with the beauty of Ajmer. Thousands of visitors throng the city mainly to visit the holy Dargah Sharif of Ajmer. Other attractions that draw tourists to this city include the beautiful Ana Sagar Lake. This Lake is an important landmark of Ajmer since the eleventh century and has been serving the city since then.

There are six massive gates to Ajmer's Ana Sagar Lake. Inside the fort is located the Miran Saheb ki Dargah. Miran Saheb, fort's governor, was a courageous warrior who laid his life in defence of taragarh during an invasion by the enemy. The visitors can enjoy an excellent view of the city from the Ana Sagar Lake. Bhim Burg, a massive battlement that has a huge cannon resting on it must also be visited along with the gigantic water reservoir inside the Fort. The front and main gateway leading the visitors inside the Fort is decorated with elephants sculpted out of stone.


King Anaji built the Ana Sagar Lake in the period between the years 1135-1150 AD. Prithviraj Chauhan was the grandson of King Anaji and he built this lake for the betterment of society. This lake has contributed to an increase in the popularity of the city of Ajmer.

A dam was put across the River Luni in the 12th century to build the lake and its name was given after the then king Anaji Chauhan. Around the lake are the city's attractions such as Daulat Bagh constructed by Shahjahan out of marble stone completely. During the summer season, the Lake completely dries up.


Other attractions that surround the Lake include Khobra Behroon temple on its southern bank. This artificially created Lake has been the lifeline of Ajmer since the past years and continues to be so even in the present times to the locals as well as tourists who visit it.

Marble pavilions and beautiful gardens surround the Lake. In the middle of the Lake is an island. The Mughal emperors made some additional constructions to further beautify this Lake and add to its charm, which still draws tourists to it.

A Circuit House is located atop a nearby hill that served as British Residency in the bygone years. Visitors can hire a water scooter and boat from the eastern side of Daulat Bagh to reach this island. This lake dries up during every summer season.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March are the best to visit this lake since the weather remains favourable cool and the water level in the reaches the perfect mark during this time. Some attractions close to it are Prithviraj Smarak, Nasiyan, Taragarh Fort and Adhai Din ka Jhopra. It is as easy to reach the lake, as is the city, which is so well connected to the rest of India by means of rail, airway and road.

How to Reach

By Air

Jaipur Airport is just 130 km away from Ajmer.

By Rail

It is very well connected by rail to the other parts Rajasthan as well as India.

By Road

Ajmer is connected to the rest of the State by means of a good road network. The major cities with its distance from Ajmer are listed here: New Delhi- 389 km, Agra-388 km, Mumbai-1071 km, Ahmedabad-526 km, Udaipur-274 km, Jodhpur-200 km, Jaipur-130 km.

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