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Mehrangrah Fort

  • Location

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • Built By

Roa Jodha laid foundation later was expanded by many rulers

  • Built In

foundation was laid in 1459 AD

  • Visiting Hours

9:00am - 5:00pm

  • Entry Fee for Mehrangrah Museum (In Indian Rupees)

Indian: 60 INR, Foreigner: 400 INR

  • Entry Fee for Jaswant Thada (In Indian Rupees)

Indian: 15 INR, Foreigner: 30 INR

  • Contact Number

0291 254 8790

Inside the Mehrangrah Fort there are many palaces that are known for their big courtyards and detailed carvings. It is obvious thatMehrangrah Fort stood tall and strong through many battles by the impressions of the cannonball hits on the second gate of the fort. A Chhatris which is an elevated pavilion that depicts the pride of the culture is placed towards the left of the fort for a soldier by the name Kirat Singh Soda. He lost his life on the same spot defending for his people and the fort.

Totally there are seven gates to the fort which were built during the period of Man Singh Maharaja as a mark of his victory over the armies of Jaipur and Bikaner. A gate called the Fattepol which means victory was built Maharaja Ajit Singh to commemorate his victory over the Mughals. Still date there are palms imprints on the gates which has been the biggest tourist attraction.

At present the museum in the fort is the most famous and fully loaded museum in Rajasthan which attracts tourists to a wide extent. This museum exhibits the life style of the Rathores which includes their clothes, their weapons, paintings, art work etc.

A recently noticeable happening in the Mehrangarh Fort was the English movie shooting that took place. Many scenes in “The Dark Knight Rises” were shot in Mehrangarh Fort.


Mehrangarh Fort is located just 400 feet above the city of Jodhpur on a cliff that is perpendicular to the city. Earlier this cliff was called Bhaurcheeria meaning the mountain of birds. This is called as “the work of the giants” because of its massive size. The fort stands tall and strong built in red sand stone with a beauty that haunts the person who takes a look at the fort at the same times leaves the person filled with awe because of the beauty the literally beckons.


During the year 1459 foundation for Mehrangrah Fort was laid by Roa Jodha a Rathore ruler. He moved his capital from Mandore. For building this fort Roa Jodha had to vacate the only person who lived on the cliff, Cheeria Nathji. Due to this he incurred the curse of drought from Cheeria Nathji. To please him Rao Jodha built a house as well as a temple but still today the place suffers from drought almost 3 to 4 years. To amend the curse Rao Jodha buried Raja Ram Meghwal alive in the foundation and in return Raja Ram Meghwal’s family to be taken care of by the Rathore kings. Till date his generations live in Raj Bagh an estate given to them by Jodha himself. But most part of the fort that exists today was built during the period of Maharaj Jaswant Singh.


There are seven gates that can be accessed to gain entry to the fort. Jai Pol, Fateh Pol, Dedh Kamgra Pol and Loha Pol are the most famous gates.

Inside the fort there are a number of palaces brilliantly built and decorated. Moti Mahal also called the pearl palace was built by Raja Sur Singh. This palace consists of 5 alcoves which lead to balconies that are hidden. The Sheesha Mahal also called the hall of mirrors is made of amazing mirror work and houses religious figures. The Phool Mahal built by Abhaya Singh Maharaja is known as the palace of flowers. Finally the Takhat Vilas- the Maharaja’s Chamber was constructed by Maharaja Takhat Singh who was the last Jodhpur ruler to have lived in Mehrangarh Fort. The Takhat Villas is constructed using different styles and this portrays the advent of the modern culture.

The most important tourist attraction is the museum in the fort. The important galleries are Elephant’s howdahs, Palanquins, Daulat Khana, Armoury, Turban gallery, paintings and finally the instrument gallery for folk music.

Important Attractions in Mahrangrah Fort

The national geological monument and the temple Chamunda Mataji is a compulsory visit that as to be added in the tourists visits to the fort. Chamunda Mataji is said to be Rao Jodha’s favorite god and the entire fort is decorated during the time of Dussehra festival.

How to Reach the Fort

There are many bus services from the city to the fort. Since it is a main place of tourist attraction there are many packages available for travelers and tourist for an entire day to visit the fort at affordable prices.

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