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Kutch Festivals And Fairs

Kutch is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the country. Owing to its vibrant culture, fabulous beaches and beautiful architecture, Kutch receives many tourists every year. The most important festival of Kutch is the Kutch Utsav or the Kutch Mahotsav organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. Indian Holiday gives you information on the Kutch Mahotsav in Gujarat.

Kutch is the land of farmers. Hence spring or the season after the rains is the time of celebration for them. Each and every temple has its special day where people gather in larger numbers to celebrate. There is music, dance and other festivities associated with the celebrations. A look at them will make you feel that India has a rich diverse culture.

Kutch Mahotsav or Kutch Rann Utsav-Full of Enjoyment

The Kutch festival is also known as the Rann festival. The auspicious time is Shiv Ratri in February or March. It happens in the city of Bhuj. The Gujarat tourism goes in full swing to organize this festival. There are usually dance shows, cultural shows, dance numbers, crafts exhibition and much more. People are also taken for tours around the ruins of Dhola Vera, one of the last signs of the Indus Valley civilization.

The Kutch Mahotsav is more or less a journey to understand the values and ethos of the place. People come to Kutch to experiment and experience a tradition that is not alive in any other parts of India. A walk through the sands of the beaches in Kutch, will tell you many stories.

The Rann festival is also a tribute to religious places. You could visit Bhadreshwar, Narayan Sarovar and Koteshwar, which are the important religious shrines of these places. The trip to Anjar, the Mandvi beaches, Dhola Vira's ruins and the rustic fair at Dhrang are the other important aspects of the tour. While you are there, do not forget to relinquish the local delicacies. The flavor of Gujarat is reflected in the wide variety of food they serve.

One of the exciting features of the festival is the possibility of studying the 18 tribes of Kutch. It is indeed an eye opener getting to know more about them.  The craftsmanship and the skill of these people are worth mentioning. There are also spiritual Bhajans and Kirtanas that can take you to another world completely. Since Bhuj is connected to other cities by train and bus, it is easier for the tourists to visit the place.

Six Days Festival

The six day festival of Kutch is something to really experience and remember by. Worth mentioning is the artistic creativity of the tribe residing in the Bhuga area. Vegetable colors are used to decorate walls and create wonderful paintings out of them. Further decoration is done with mirrors and beads to make it look more appealing.
The dance programmes are a beautiful treat to watch during the festival. The Gujarat tourism department organizes numerous programs during this occasion. The dance ranges from acrobatics to folk dances to various stunts performed in groups.

The last day of the fair showcases competitions of camel, horse, bullock and wrestling. The last day falls on the day of Shivratri. Interestingly, there is a Shivalinga on a place called Mekan Dada, where people pay homage towards the end of the fair.

Kutch is a whole new world once you go there. You forget all your worries and enter a serene place. It is a new world of possibilities and fun unlimited. It is one of the world’s oldest and richest heritages.

Travel Information

The best way to travel to Kutch is by taking a flight to Bhuj, the administrative city of Kutch. From there local transport is available to Kutch. Travelling by road is another option which helps you explore the city in detail. It is possible to reach Kutch from Ahmedabad as well. There is also the Kutch express that you can take from there.

Regarding accommodation, the organizers provide cottages for people who come to attend the festival.

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