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Jeep Safaris are a favorite of every visitor to the Gir Park. Adventurous and thrilling, a ride into the wild jungle is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every visitor. Watching lions on the prowl in their natural habitat, a pride of sprawled lions are not just highlights but regular sights in Gir. Which is why, for a ride, you must obtain permission from the office of Sinh Sadan Forest. An open roof jeep sets out into the forest with tourists armed with their cameras. It sure is a worthwhile experience. These hunters come out during dusk and dawn; hence, it is the best time to go exploring. Make use of the Jeeps and guides made available by the Forest Department.

The home of many rare wild animals like Asiatic lions and Ass, this would be a trip to get your adrenaline pumping. Laced with adventure, Gir Safari Tour offers a pretty clear glance into the unmatched wilderness and ensures a combination of activities that are brave, creative, and thought-provoking and of course, fun! The spectacular alleys and avenues of the Gir National Park are abundant in unparalleled flora and fauna and offer you the sights of rare animals.

With the only option available being the jeep Safari, you take on nature and lions in the same go. There are no other Safari options available and every safari in Gir National Park being a direct ride to the abode of lions, you can expect a time of adventure. Open-Jeep Safaris are also convenient as you can carry your supplies and cameras for candid clicks with the lions! Jeeps and Guides are available at the forest departments to ensure an informative and safe safari.

Best Time to Visit Gir Forest

Lions are sure lazy. Though the most popular and preferred time to visit Gir is from December to March, it gets very crowded as they are the peak times with long waiting queues. However, you are more likely to get a glimpse of the wildlife when it is hotter, from March to May; especially early in the mornings when they go out to get water. Unfortunately, throughout the rest of the day, the proud lions tend to sleep and do not move around much. Their active periods are dusks and dawns and you are advised to avoid weekends and holidays in case you do not wish to lighten your pockets!

Gir Travel Tips for Safari

If you are visiting with a group, make sure you sort out the number of jeeps required and ensure that you hire the jeeps, too. Jeeps can generally be hired from hotels, guesthouses and the park reception center. It does not matter if you are alone; you can get a spare spot in the other booked jeeps and share the costs with the remaining occupants. Entry permits for the park are issued at the reception center. Though the limited numbers of permits issued per day have been raised from 30 to 150 to meet the demand, half of the permits are reserved for advance bookings and the registered hotels. If you are staying at a hotel, they will take care of obtaining the permits for you, generally at a nominal fee.

If you are planning a trip, ensure you book your permits beforehand. If not, ensure that you are present at the permit office before it opens in the morning, failing which you might find yourself stranded in a long queue and might miss out, especially during the peak times. Before the start of each safari, the permits are processed in batches, with a break in between, i.e. processing for the 6.30 a.m. safari begins half an hour earlier. The queuing commences as early as 4 a.m.! And during the peak times, it may edge to midnight.
The available eight safari routes in the park are allocated by the computer to each permit. Certain Private vehicles, Petrol-run, are permitted into the park.

Safari Charges

Safari charges are Rs 2500/- for Indians and Rs 4000/- for foreign nationals. This accommodates up to 6 persons in a jeep. This includes Jeep charges, Guide charges and Entrance to the park.

Safari Timings

Timing are 6 to 9 AM, 9 to 12 Noon and 3 to 6 PM. Camera/movie will be charged Rs 100/. The Jeep will pick visitors up and drop them back at the Lodge. Advance booking helps to get better route and saves lot of time and energy in last moment.

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