Most Popular Breads of Gujarati Cuisine

“Methithepla” is the staple flat bread of the state. It is eaten almost daily by large number of Gujarati families. Almost every Gujarati housewife knows the recipe. The flat breads are amazingly thin and soft. Once you dig into them, it is hard to stop and you lost count on how many you had!

“Bajrinarotla” or Rotlas made of millet flour are among the favorite breads of Gujaratis. You must have them when freshly prepared and spread butter or ghee on them for a heavenly meal. Team them with any curry or cooked vegetable dish.

The traditional way to eat “rotlas” in Gujarat is with “ringna no barto” or minced eggplant dish. If you visit Saurashtra, your trip is incomplete without this meal. It is the staple dish of Kathiavadifarmers here. In case, you still have some space left in your stomach after gobbling up those thick “rotlas” don’t forget to gulp a glass of salty “chhaas” or buttermilk.

Yet another popular bread here is “khakhra.” It is a crispy and crunchy, thin, flat bread. It is versatile bread. You can eat it as chips or create toppings on it like a pizza or have it with tea. This bread is perfect for traveling. It has a greater shelf life for its dry consistency and tastes savory with pickles.

More Bread Varieties that make for an Interesting Gujarati Cuisine

Traveling to Gujarat can be interesting not just in terms of sight-seeing, but for tasting the uniquely flavored breads, snacks and other savory foods this state has to offer.

For example, a visit to North Gujarat’s biggest city, Ahmedabad, gives you a chance to dig into scrumptious “farsan,” “chevdapapdi,” “khaman,” “dhokla” and more. This city also offers you a cross-cultural cuisine.

A trip to South Gujarat tickles your taste buds with “Oondhiyu” and more, while for the Saurashtra region, the Kathiawar area, you must gear up your taste buds as you are treated with spicy and rich cuisine with a little lesser sweet than rest of the state’s cuisine.

The Kutch area treats you splendidly with its healthy and light “Khichdi” and “Kadhi.”“Thepla” originated here. Locals here relish a variety of chutneys and pickles that compensate for the absence of pungent spices in their meals.

The other breads that might fancy you while on a trip here include “bhakri,” which is thicker than the usual “chapatti” is crispy and made of wheat flour. Then, there is “puranpoli,” which is made of whole wheat stuffed with sweet “moong dal” and “pooda” which is made of mixed flours and is pan fried. There is “juvar no rotlo” made of sorghum flour. It is thick flat bread.

Gujarati cuisine is intensely diverse. Food of this state signifies the “navras” which depicts life’s nine flavors. The flavors spruce up the life and no doubt, a tourist’s holiday. Gujaratis are as passionate about food as they are about business. Join them and savor the exotic mouthwatering dishes they offer.

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