Useful Information of Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat, the second most industrialized state of India, has done well in preserving its historic and natural beauty. With rivers crisscrossing through this state, the skyline dotted with ancient temples, with remnants of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and forests, hills and beaches, this state is rich in the truest sense.

The Asiatic lions have made the Gir forests in Gujarat their home ever since they were identified. For a wildlife enthusiast, a glimpse of the Asiatic lion would be reason enough to visit Gujarat. In no other place on this planet will Asiatic lions be found.

Though not a typically popular tourist destination like Agar or Delhi and lacking an iconic monument like the Taj Mahal, Gujarat has done well over the past few years to elevate this state as one of the best for tourists. This state will not disappoint many with the exhilarating and wholesome experience there. There is something for an adventurer, for a wildlife enthusiast, for someone looking to relax, for someone looking for spiritual calm, for someone wishing to connect with Mahatma Gandhi and the state is definitely a delight for the tourists in search of gastronomic treasures.


Gujarat is flanked by the mighty Arabian Sea on the west coast. It shares maritime borders and land borders with Pakistan across the Arabian Sea and on the north-west. On its east, north and south, it is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mumbai and Dadra and Nagar Haveli respectively.

Akarshan of Gujarat

Diversity is spelt the correct way in India and all of its state. Gujarat is a macrocosm of India itself. Rivers, hills, beaches, plains and a desert- this state has everything that India has. Even though Gujarat may be known for its refineries in Jam Nagar, its diamond industry in Surat, its dairy industry in Anand, Gujarat is also known for Lothal, Porbandar, Dwarka, and Akshardham among many other sites.

Beaches in Gujarat

Though one should not expect to find beaches like those in Capri or Miami, the beaches in Gujarat have a narration of their own where you can find tranquility and freedom from the everyday conundrum. The Somnath beach, Beyt Dwarka Beach and Madvi Beach are popular with niche tourists because it offers them a sweet escape. One can also indulge in water sports like water skiing, surfing, etc.

Temples in Gujarat

Gujarat is as well known for its industries as it is for its temples. The state is the abode of many temples- ancient, medieval and modern. To fill oneself with praise for the almighty, with devotion and with spiritual salvation, one can visit the Akshardham temple, the Dwarkadhish temple, the Sun temple, the Somnath temple, among others. To ancient town of Dwarka, mentioned in the Mahabharata as well as the Puranas is also situated in Gujarat.

Museums in Gujarat

The museums in Gujarat are well maintained and offer visitors a comprehensive view of the kingdoms that thrived in Gujarat. Galleries in Gujarat are also the storehouse of many forms of traditional art and craft.  Some of the most famous museums of Gujarat are: the city museum of Ahmedabad, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, Baroda Museum and Art Gallery and the Museum of Antiquities in Jamnagar.

National Parks

Though Gir is the most famous national part in Gujarat, there are three other national parks that are equally good, albeit without the Asiatic lions. The other three national parks in Gujarat are- Blackbuck national park, Vansda National park and the Marine National Park. There are 21 wildlife sanctuaries also, in addition to the national parks.

Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Gujarat’s climate can be classified as tropical climate. The state has hot summers, mild monsoons and moderate winters. The temperatures soar to 42 to 43 degrees Celsius in the summer while it dips to only 12 degree Celsius in the winter. The temperature across Gujarat shows relatively little contrast, except in the hill station of Saputara where the climate is cooler in summers.

Cuisine In Gujarat

It will be a tough time for staunch non-vegetarians to satisfy their palates in Gujarat. However, the vegetarian options are delightful. Gujarati food is high on nutritional value. A traditional Gujarati meal comprises of bread, boiled rice, vegetables and lentil soup. The Gujarati cuisine is especially meant for those who have a very strong sweet tooth. Traditional Gujarati snacks are also very popular. The Gujarati dhokla is now a ubiquitous dish in the country.

Hotels in Gujarat

Gujarat has a host of options for accommodation. They have luxurious hotels, moderately priced hotels as well as budget hotels. Heritage hotels in Gujarat are located very close to tourist attractions and major landmarks. These heritage hotels are- Balaram Palace Resort (Palanpur), Vijay Vilas Palace (Mandvi), Hotel Nilambag Palace (Bhavnagar), Natwar Niwas Palace (Rajpipala) are just a few. It is better to get reservations during the peak season.

How to Reach Gujarat

By Air

There are 10 domestic airports in Gujarat and 1 international airport in the state capital. There are frequent international flights flying to Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Asia, etc. Domestic airlines that operate in Gujarat are the Jetlite, Indigo Airlines and Air India. The domestic airports in other Gujarat are in Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhuj, Keshod, Jamnagar, Surat, Bhavnagar, Porbandar and Kandla.

By Train

The Rajdhani train connects Ahmedabad to all other major state capitals of the country. There are many other railway lines like Sampark Kranti, Duronto, Garib Rath, etc. that operate from and to Gujarat.

By Road

Gujarat is well connected by roads to the rest of the country. The ambitious golden quadrilateral national highways project will connect Surat to the eastern most part of Assam. The Gujarat state Transportation Corporation and other private operators ply interstate as well as intrastate buses in Gujarat.

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