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Shri Shankeshwar Tirth

This Tirth is situated at the Shankheshwar village center. The Mulnayak which is white colored 182 cm idol of Shri Bhagawan Shankeshvar Parshva witnessed in Padmasana posture.


This tirth is also known as Shankhapur in ancient age scriptures. The story behind this is Ashadhi Shrvak got depressed, hence started questioning about salvation, liberation and nirvana. To answer him, the 9th Tirthankar, Damodar Swami replied, ‘Parshvanath’ will remain the 23rd Tirthankar in Avasarpinikala (known as descending half of time wheel). He asked him to be his prime disciple (Ganadhar) in the name of Aryaghosha and to attain salvation at that place. Later on, Shrvak deeply immersed in his prayers to Bhagwan Parshvanath and went on to worshipping his statue in the world of demons, gods and even on earth.


During 1155 of Vikram Era, Shankheshvar temple was constructed on the banks of River Rupen by Sajjan Shah. In the year 1286, Shri Vardhamansurisharji Maharaj Saheb instructed Vastupal Tejpal to renovate this temple. There were totally 52 idols present in this temple. In the year 1302 VE, under the inspiration of Shri Uktasuri Maharaj Saheb, a king renovated this temple substantially. Muslims destroyed this temple during 14th century VE. During 16th century, Vijaysensurishvarji Maharaj Saheb inspired to construct a new shrine with the same 52 idols. During 1760 VE, Sangha constructed a new shrine and reinstalled all idols here. Apart from original plot, the new temple also includes 2 assembly halls, vast square, decorated square and Open Square.

Towards the left of main idol is a small temple for Bhagawan Ajitnath and towards the right of main idol is Bhagawan Bhidbhanjan Parshvanath idol in small temple. There are also idols of Shri Chakreshvaridevi, Parshva Yaksha, Shri Padmavatidevi and Nagraj Dharanendra. Thousands of devotees throng this temple to observe 2 day complete fast during Diwali, 10th day of dark half Magasar month and 10th day of Posh month. The temple doors located on the passage to move around the temple is enlarged and summits height will also be raised.

Specialty of the Tirth

There is a well known fact that the holy water that is used to bath mooknayak idol was used to cure the soldiers of Lord Krishna army who got injured during war between Jarasandh and Krishna. Many wonders happened at this place. Pilgrims believe that all their desires get fulfilled after visiting this temple. This is the origin region of Shri Shankheshwar Gatchh. Thousands of devotees visit this place during mela that is organized on Poush Krishna Dasami, Kartik Poornimas and Chaitri.

How to Reach

The nearby railway stations are at Viramgam (62 km) and Harij (10 Km). there are many private vehicles and bus facilities available here.  Lodging and boarding amenities are there at Dharam sala (Jain hotel) at Shankheshwar. The nearby airport is at Ahmedabad.

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