Gujarat State Road Transport

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation is an organization that manages and controls the bus network in the state. It was established in 1960 with just about 1700 buses. This organization has grown phenomenally over the years and today it contains a whopping 8000 buses that runs across 16 divisions, halting at 126 depots. There are over 200 bus stations in the state. The employees of this organisation are about half a lakh. One of the main reasons for the success of the bus transport of the state is the high quality maintenance and repair work done on the buses across a central and various city levels, state-of-the art workshops.

The Road transport corporation contains an exhaustive list of all the 200 plus depots in the state along with the depot manager number and the enquiry number for each depot so that passengers can call these numbers and check information about their bus services. If the passengers know their origin and destination of travel, they could also key in these details and get the list of buses operating between these areas with the timing of arrival and departure. The best part of the transport network in the state is that, the buses do follow the times mentioned in this time table, thereby making it easy for passengers to plan their travel. Booking can be done online wherein the passengers can check for seat availability and choose seats that they want. Payment too can be done online in this portal.

Apart from the bus services that are operated for normal commuting, the road transport corporation announces special services during particular seasons for the benefit of tourists who visit the state. These special services include introduction of new buses to ply to the various pilgrim destinations of the state, last minute bus services included to compensate for the cancellation of certain rail lines, extra buses during festivals etc. Depending on the budget and comfort of the passengers they can choose among ordinary, luxury, deluxe, air conditioned, sleeper, semi sleeper, express and many other types of buses. For passengers traveling for long distances, the state road transportation corporation has also introduced sleeper buses and coaches.

The transport network in the state, especially road transport has received lots of accolades and appreciation from people all over the country. Gujarat is one of the states that have grown phenomenally over the years and it has caught the attraction of the national government as well. It is quite often referred to as one of the model states for the stupendous infrastructure it has. There are various flyover bridges constructed in the state, which reduces traffic congestion to a great extent. Tourists often find it a pleasure to travel to Gujarat, because they get to some international class infrastructure in terms of modern industries, well planned roadways, highly-networked tourist attractions etc. The state government spends huge sums on the bus network every year in order to improve on the services and to add more fleet of buses to its kitty for providing world class services to the passengers and the tourists.

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