When tourists swing around from one historic site to another, they are amazed at the magnanimity of the scenario. Tourism in Gujarat is bound to provide tourists with a wide range of sightseeing places, which will allow them to see some of the historic heritage sites and natural parks as well as sceneries spread all over the state. These sightseeing places have immense history behind their popularity and their existence speaks immensely about the heritage and culture of the state of Gujarat during earlier times. With the help of tourist guides, visiting these places of importance gets further fortified with in-depth knowledge and legends.

Tourist guides in different sightseeing places are well versed about the history and origin of these historic and monumental locations. These people can help the tourists in going through these sites, soaking in the rich history and stories associated with the sites. Such information by the tourist guides help people in understanding the states better and in a wholesome manner.

State Level Tourist Guide list approved by Department of Tourism, Government of gujarat

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