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Tourists from different states in India as well as from outside the country arrive in Gujarat for its sightseeing destination and to offer a visit to some of the historical monuments and landscapes. During their trip, travel tips of various kinds can come in handy for people. These tips are also information for them which will help in smooth and hassle free navigation and transport as well as proves beneficial during their stay in this state at various destinations.

Ability to find an ATM in the city or near to the sightseeing place is an important requirement. People can travel without carrying much cash and can withdraw required cash whenever necessary from the nearest ATM. For this, the facility of ATM locater is provided in online portals, which helps in finding an ATM in a particular place for any bank which they would want. Online search can simply be done by putting in the name of the bank and the city which will display the whereabouts of the ATM counter nearby. Nearly about 77392 ATM counters have been listed in over 553 different cities of Gujarat for the sole convenience of the tourists.

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