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Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches located in Kovalam, Kerala. The beach is very popular among all including the westerners because of the spectacular view and the beach house.

One has to experience the view from the red and white lighthouse which can be climbed by the spiral staircase. The sea is warm the whole day and has very low tidal waves. It is very scenic to watch the fisherman bring their catches. There are security guards, and life guards constantly watching the people who swim near the rocky edges. There are lots of restaurants along the line and shops. The light house is working and is 35 m high which is open for 2 hours between 3-5 pm. A tourist guide may help you get there if you reach in time after climbing the 142 steps of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is worth climbing to take the splendid view of the surroundings.


  • The beach is just 11 km from the Trivandrum.
  • The airport is just 20 km from the beach.
  • Kovalam is 16 km from Trivandrum.
  • Rickshaws or cabs can be hired from Trivandrum to reach Kovalam.

How to Reach

By Air

Tourists can reach easily to the beach from Trivandrum which is the nearest airport at 20 km.

By Rail

Trivandrum is the nearest railway station which connects many important cities.

By Road

Kovalam is well connected with road with several other places and tourist destinations across Kerala.


Kovalam is a coastal area and the days are hot and humid and the nights are cold. Summer is the ideal season to visit Kovalam as the weather is very comfortable. Rainfall can give a joyful feeling to the locals. The beach town has very heavy rainfall during the rainy season but still who plans the treks and family trips to such places. There is no specific time to visit as all seasons are very pleasant. Though due to less rush, the best season to visit this season is from September to March. The beaches are great destinations to hangout with friends and family and if you want to enjoy the festivals and carnivals, then Christmas is the best time to visit as it has some night life. The winter season is a bit colder and the temperature is around 20 to 25 degrees, which is very relaxing and peaceful. Kerala comes in coastal regions and it receives very heavy rainfall and so thus Kovalam.

Beach Attractions

The beaches in Kovalam are the main reason that attracts thousands of visitors across the globe. The scenic beauty and picturesque coastline makes the beach the most renowned and plays a major role in promoting and highlighting the tourism industry. This beach has got its name because of the Vizhinjam lighthouse which is located on a hilly rock called the ‘Kurumkal’. Visitors can enjoy cycling and walks along the roadside. There are many restaurants, shops and hotels located on the beach where tourists can enjoy local food and can stay here in the hotels. This stretch of golden sand can be enjoyed while treating your taste buds with the seafood and coconut water. Apart from food, one can even try water sports like swimming, para gliding, kayaking and water cruise.

Nearby Attractions

Hawah Beach

This beach is also called as the Eve’s beach and is exactly opposite to the lighthouse beach. This beach is extremely elegant and peaceful which makes this beach the topmost choice for honeymooners. Early morning, one can find local fishermen crowding on the beach for their living. Hawah is the second largest beach in Kovalam and it takes just 5 minutes walk from the lighthouse beach to reach here.

Samudra Beach

The beach is extremely beautiful with a rocky edge and it is an amazing view to watch the waves crashing on these rocks.

Parasurama Temple

This is a 2000 year old temple which is dedicated to Sree Parasurama who is the mythological creator.


Vizhinjam is a village near to Kovalam and is known for fishing. This is the busiest harbors in Kovalam.

Marine Aquarium

This aquarium is located in Vizhinjam and displays all marine wealth.


This place is 8 km from Kovalam and has very scenic spots. The Chowara Ayyappa temple is located on the beach and is the home to the ancient Analothbhava Matha Church.


Water Sports

The tourist can try some adventure activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, Para sailing, Para gliding and water cruise are also arranged.

Boat Race

Onam is widely celebrated in the state and on the occasion of Onam, boat races are conducted on the lake of Vellayani which is 7 kms from Kovalam. These are the world famous annual boat races.


There are small shacks on every beach that sell handmade things made by local people. Statues made from rosewood and teakwood is seen. Vendors sell anything from handicrafts, carpets and clothes. Shops on the Beaches will have lots of jewelry made of seashells. The city has shops that have an exciting range of spices, shawls, artifacts and saris.

Food Corners

Kovalam is located on the coastline and it offers amazing fresh seafood and fruits. One can treat their flavor buds with different south Indian cuisines. Spices and tea can be found here in local shops in abundance.