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Beypore is a little village located on India's coast in the Kozhikode district. This area was initially called Vaypura by locals who lived there. The famous Tipu Sultan renamed this tiny coastal area as “Sultan Pattanam”. The place also has a significant history as it used to be among the historic harbors where trading started between Asia and the Middle East. This small place is famous for making ships of wood in its minuscule ship yard.

Situated 10 km away from the city of Kozhikode, Chaliyar River’s mouth, Beypore beach used to be amid the most vital fishing ports during the time of the Chinese, Arabs and afterwards European traders. Famous for the ship building enclosure that it has, more than a thousand years old, workers here undoubtedly are unbeatable in their craftsmanship.


  • 11 km from Calicut
  • 10 km from Kozhikode
  • 23 km from Calicut International Airport
  • 350 km from Bangalore

How to Reach

By Air

The Karipur International Airport (also called Calicut International airport) is the nearest one. Karipur airport is connected to a lot of important cities both in the country and abroad, especially to numerous gulf countries.

By Rail

The Kozhikode railway station is the closest one, and is connected pretty well by trains travelling daily from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

By Road

KSRTC buses Karnataka and Kerala connect the cities to many others in the state. Luxury and AC buses operate from the area to Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum and Mangalore.


This is a place with favorable weather conditions throughout the year. However, the most appropriate time to visit would be between September and May.

Winters (between October and February) are moderate and comfortable with minimum temperatures dropping to 15°C. This is the perfect time to enjoy beach activities and sight-seeing.

Summers (between March and May) experience humid and warm climate with maximum temperatures reaching 37°C to 39°C. Though the weather is warm, tourist activities can still be carried out. You can also do some bird-watching doing summers.

Monsoons (between June and September) witness very heavy downpours in the city. However, tourists can still pay a visit between August and September in order to participate in the various fairs and festivals held here with huge spectacle and show.

Beach Attractions

The attractions in Beypore beach include the bridge constructed about 2km into the sea that is made of huge stones gathered together. Prominent attractions of the beach include food stands offering Keralan dishes, boat-building patios, water sports, fishing, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and many more.

The Malabar spices had played a pretty big role in attracting the Arabs, the Dutch, the English and the Portuguese to Kerala. Till this day, tourists from the West crowd here to make the most of their holiday under cobalt blue skies, experiencing the joy of creating sand castles, dancing with the waves and enjoying a few mouthfuls of coconut water.

Nearby Attractions

The Art Gallery of Kozhikode was opened exclusively for the purpose of ‘paintings and painters’. Sheltered inside a building close to the Pazhassirajah Museum, this gallery is very well known for the collections of expert painter ‘Raja Ravi Varma’ that are contained here. These paintings, portraying the straightforwardness and intensity of the Keralan people and their history, are the cause of the gallery attracting so many art devotees and tourists.

Among the things that make Indian culture so full of heritage and rich are definitely its many leaders. The Krishna Menon Museum has a portion to honor the respected Indian V.K. Krishna Menon, which keeps his personal souvenirs and belongings that were gifted to him. The museum is situated next to Pazhassi Raja Museum, which has many other exhibits other than the great leader.


Tourists from various walks of life visit this part of India seeking water adventure tours in order to discover the numerous beaches that are the perfect place to relax. People come to Beypore beach to participate in the water sports that include swimming, surfing, parasailing, skiing, kayaking, angling, sunbathing and many more.


Sweat Meat Street, famously called S.M. Street, is known to be the busiest area to shop in the city. The evergreen 'Kozhikodan Halwa' can be tasted in most of the shops of the region. The colorful halwa along with banana chips are believed to be the most desirable items for people shopping from Kozhikode.

The spice market situated on the Big Bazaar Road, that sells irresistible varieties of Keralan spices at wholesale prices, is one other famed shopping location.

Food Corners

There are loads of pretty good eateries in town. Some of them are along with hotels and offer numerous varieties of delicacies. You should check out the traditional Malabari cuisine. The seafood is really good. However, if you are even a little reluctant towards coconut you won’t enjoy it. Unquestionably, lots of places display the ‘chilled beer available’ sign.

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