Bekal is a small coastal town in the north most district of Kasargod, of Kerala state. It is situated at about 16 kilometers to the south, from the Kasargod town. It is a small fishing village in the northern coastline of Kerala, which was once an important strategic location.

The town of Bekal is known for its serene beaches that open up to the rippling Arabian Sea and the Bekal fort that breaks the rhyming sands of its classic beach. The Bekal fort is the oldest and most well preserved fort in Kerala, with a rich history. Solitude and magnificent views are the selling points of the Bekal coastline. It is also a key waypoint when touring Kerala, connecting many and different tourist destinations of Kerala. The history of the area stretches from middle ages to well into the Colonial era. There are very little cultural attractions apart from the unique lifestyle of the fishing communities of the Bekal town and a few surrounding villages. Bekal is instead, surrounded by several places of interest on all sides. Like hill stations to its east, Kasargod to the north, the back waters to the south, its convenient location makes it a favorite for staying over and checking out the surrounding sights. The natural rustic beauty of Bekal is untouched and provides a peaceful and quiet experience when one must relax in solitude.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

  • October – February is Winter and the climate during this time is dry and the temperature is in the temperate range of 290 C to 200 C. This time coincides with the tourist season of rest of Kerala.
  • March – May is Summer, which is very dry and a time of tropical heat. The temperatures have reached as high as 370 C. Many consider activities like outing and picnic during this time.
  • June – September is the Monsoon, that lasts for quite some time as this region receives the both the arriving and returning monsoon winds. The rains are generally heavy to medium and the surroundings of Bekal look quite beautiful after a good shower.

The best time to visit Bekal is from September to March, although the region is enjoyable all year round.

Attractions of Bekal

The Bekal Fort: This fort is the largest and the most well maintained fort in the state of Kerala. The keyhole shaped Bekal fort is built on reclamation in the Arabian Sea, with only one-fourth of its four-acre area inside the beach. The fort has high watchtowers that give breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding land.

Bekal Beach: The beaches surrounding the Bekal fort is known as the Bekal beach and is currently being developed as a fully equipped exotic beach by the state government of Kerala. The salient features of the beach include long sandy shoreline, unpolluted environs, quiet and peaceful ambiance. There are several nearby beaches like the Kappil, Kanwateertha and Pallikere beaches with shallow lagoons and continental shelves.

Ranipuram: The hill station about 58 km inland from the Bekal town is Ranipuram, perched almost 740 meters above the sea level; it is practically on the Kerala-Karnataka border. The surrounding hills and forests are ideal for trekking and nature tourism and is an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts, bird watches or just someone looking to lay back and relax for a while.

Valiaparamba: This is an island, 30 kilometers from Bekal near Kasargod Backwaters, is famous for being one of the more picturesque backwater tracts in Kerala. Valiaparamba is surrounded by many tiny islands in the backwaters and is the main fishing center of the region.

Get In

By Air

Nearest airport is a domestic airport in Mangalore (Karnataka state) at a distance of 50 km, while the nearest international airport is at 180 km, in Kozhikode (Calicut) city. It is convenient to travel first to Kasargod and from there arrive in Bekal.

By Railway

The main railway station connected to Bekal is that of Kasargod, about 16 km. another railway station at about the same distance is the Kanhangad station and both are connected to all the major cities in Kerala and Karnataka.

By Road

Bekal is only 16km from Kasargod that is on the national highway no.66 and well connected to the major cities in Kerala to the south and Karnataka to its north with intercity and interstate bus services.

Get Around

Bekal is a small town, there are very few local transports like taxis or rickshaws, and it is easy to walk around town. It is advisable to hire a car and a driver to travel to the surrounding destinations of beaches, hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries.

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